# 84
I Am a Mother of All Families

(March 18, 1991 52) Nancy saw a tear came down and hit Our Loving Mother's hand. Nancy said, "Please help me. You are so sad today." Our Loving Mother said, "I am a mother of all families. Please mothers, know that your children are not only the ones you rear." She is crying. "Your children are everyone." Nancy said, "I smell roses." Note: Edwin, a Prayer Group member, called from his...

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January 13, 1992

“Dear Children of America, be children of light. Walk away from sin. Please children, many of you are in danger of losing Heaven forever. There is no greater suffering than the loss of God. Prepare yourselves for eternal happiness. Come follow my Son’s light. Banish all darkness from your souls. Keep the laws of God. You cannot love God without keeping His commandments.

“I bless you. I am praying for you to come to the light. As my Son went to the water for His baptism, I ask you to return to the light of your baptism.”

On November 30, 1987, while Nancy was in silent prayer of the heart in her home, the Crucifix was illuminated in a bright whiter than white light. The image of the corpus was engulfed in light and became lifelike.

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179 – I Am The Great Provider (February 21, 1992)

Jesus said thus and then asked Nancy to get the book “My Daily Bread” and open it randomly. Nancy opened it to page 284, “The Effects of Charity in Daily Life”. Nancy saw a white cross of light appear on the page.

“This is highly recommended reading for My children. I recommend this book. How can I not recommend it when My words are in this book?”

If only My children would be children

Jesus has said over and over, “If only My children would be children.” A child is little and dependent on the parents. We need to be little and dependent on Jesus. To be dependent, we have to listen and follow the words and ways of the parent not the ways of other children. Jesus has…

Stay close to Me and keep your eyes on Me

Jesus has told us over and over to “Stay close to Me and keep your eyes on Me.” He has said we can not fight Satan alone and that Satan is the master of deception. So if we do not keep our eyes on Jesus, on His living presence, in His living Word, we can…

Understand what My Mother is asking of you

Understand what My Mother is asking of you Realizing our limited understanding of reparation and the world’s understanding through the Webster dictionary, we thought it best to use Jesus’s own words to explain reparation. We will draw briefly from the chapter titled “Reparation” in the excellent book, Words of Love [see Bibliography]. In Words of…

What is being asked of us to achieve Peace?

What is being asked of us to achieve Peace? The Fatima and Conyers messages both request reparation as the way to peace and warn of consequences if the requests are not heeded. The Fatima messages of 1917 warned of World War II, the rise of Russia and the spread of Russia’s errors and communism, if…

Jesus Messages regarding Halloween

Jesus Messages regarding Halloween Nancy said “I got to know what causes Him (Jesus) pain. It was a very intimate time. One teaching that stands out clearly was on how ‘Man has destroyed My (Jesus) feast days.’ Up to that time I had always participated in Halloween just like every one else. Jesus told me,…

Honor the Mother of God, Honor Our Mother

Honor the Mother of God, Honor Our Mother On the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, a week before the December 13, 1993 monthly apparition, Jesus said, “When you honor My Mother, you honor Me. Remember those words.” In the monthly apparition, the Blessed Mother said, “It is the will of the Father that I be…

You Put the Pleasures in Front of Me

Below message from Jesus to Nancy back in 1993 talks directly about Puerto Rico. 496. You Put the Pleasures in Front of Me (July 31, 1993) While preparing for her trip to Puerto Rico, Jesus spoke to Nancy about seeking security in false gods. He gave her the following message for His children of Puerto…

God has been asking for Reparation

In many revelations God has been asking his children to come back in love, asking for reparation – with St. Margaret Mary in the 1600’s to Fatima in the early 1900’s and onto the present. In Fatima on July 13, 1917 our Blessed Mother said, “If people do as I ask, many souls will be…

Man No Longer Calls Sin, Sin

Man No Longer Calls Sin, Sin Jesus said to Nancy, “Man no longer calls sin, ‘sin’. Man no longer knows Me. Man no longer seeks Me and desires Me. Man does not believe I am God.” Nancy has said that she was walking very much in the world in the early 1980’s. Her career was…