# 305
Take His Hand, Dear Children, Take His Hand

Our Loving Mother appeared to Nancy in the evening. She was very sad. She was crying and she gave an urgent plea again for more prayers and sacrifices for peace. Nancy said, "I have a great overwhelming sense of sadness in the Mother of God's heart. I've seen a map of the United States and the outline is in red." Nancy had this vision: "Her veil is extended and covering all of us in the apparition room. She is showing me small groups of people all over the United States. She is putting her veil over them. They seem to be praying." Our Loving Mother said, "Thank you for praying with me. Take His hand, dear children, take His hand. Please take His hand." Nancy said, "This is the saddest I have ever seen her." "Dear children, I bless you. As you make the cross, remember to say thank you to my Son." Nancy said, "She's crying and a crown of light appeared above her." "Nancy, increase your prayers for peace."