# 301
Unless You Turn Back To God This Nation Will Be In A Great War

While Nancy was at her desk writing she heard a bird chirping. Not the normal bird she hears that announces Our Loving Mother's coming, but a different bird. It kept chirping and got Nancy's attention. Nancy looked over and saw Our Loving Mother crying. Nancy tested the apparition of Our Loving Mother with holy water and she stayed. Our Loving Mother said as she cried, "My children are trying to push me aside. I come in the name of my Son, Jesus. Tensions within countries are mounting. Unless you turn back to God this nation will be in a great war. Oh my dear faithful children, remain faithful. Stay close together in my Son. Communities of prayer are needed all over the world. "I bless you and I bless everyone here, and I thank you. "Go in the peace and love of my Son, Jesus Christ."