Ways to Console, Repair and Mend a Heart

Ways to Console, Repair and Mend a Heart

The following Conyers message from Jesus and Mary touched our hearts as we searched for a deeper understanding of how we can make reparation. On December 10, 1990 Jesus spoke of the reparation of hearts, His Heart and our hearts. Jesus said, “I am the greatest gift giver, and I receive the fewest gifts of all. The gift My children can give Me will not cost them any money. They do not have to wrap the gift in fancy paper with a pretty bow. They do not have to send a card to Me. All I ask is for a piece of your heart. If you give Me just a piece of your heart, do you not know that I will give you much more in return. I do not ask very much. I am very grateful to receive a piece of your heart, which is imperfect in every way and lacking in many virtues, and still I cherish this gift from each of My precious children.”

“Remember My teaching about the heart. It takes a heart to mend a heart. Like tissue mends like tissue. You do not take part of your eye to mend a torn heart. The tissues must be alike. They must be compatible. Does it not make sense that I, Who give you My heart, need your heart in return? I give you all of Myself, completely and totally. I only ask for a small part of yourself to be returned to Me.”

Reflecting on this message and reparation, Nancy’s spiritual director said, “The heart is the seat of the human will and desire. When we submit our hearts to God, we are surrendering our wills to God.”

On June 24, 1993 Jesus said, “I experience profound loneliness. My children do not come to My tabernacle. My children do not love Me. The loneliness that I experience no man can endure.

“I am the greatest consoler of human hearts. My children seek other consolations. My children will never be neglected by Me yet they do not come to Me.

“Come little one. Come follow in My footsteps. I will pick you up when you need to be picked up. I will love you always.

“My children seek security but they fail to come to the giver of all security. My love is safe. You will never be rejected by Me.”

On May 13, 1994, the Blessed Mother ended her regular scheduled messages. She had told us her purpose in coming was to bring us to her Son. On this day of her last message she said, “Behold I point you to the Eucharistic Jesus,” and “come, go before

My Son. He is in the Blessed Sacrament. Come to the memorial of My Son’s passion. Come, little ones, come all to the Holy Mass.”

We console Our Lord with our acts of reparation, particularly Eucharistic Reparation. We can demonstrate our love by sacrificing our time to visit Him regularly before the tabernacle and by joining our hearts to His heart in the sacrifice of the most Holy Mass.

Nancy has often said to people, “If you want to be present for an apparition, go to the Mass!”. She tells people of the words the Blessed Mother once spoke to her, “There are no greater graces on earth than the Holy Mass.”
Nancy explains how most of her daily visions occur at the Mass. Many times when Nancy is at church, she will be blessed with the vision of an angel kneeling and facing the tabernacle, before the Eucharistic presence of Jesus. She also tells pilgrims of how “The Mass is fully alive” with angels and saints and that she sees no empty seats at Mass.

Nancy speaks of seeing at the Consecration, the Host in the hands of the priest bursting into radiant light and of the light bursting forth from within and around the chalice, engulfing the chalice in light.

At Mass she sees the Risen Christ appear and merge with the priest. She says it does not matter who the priest is nor what his personality may be like. It does not matter whether you like the priest or not. When he is on the altar at the Mass, he is Jesus, the High Priest.

Nancy often speaks of the real presence of Jesus in the Eucharist, “The Lord is truly saying to me that it is His Body and His Blood. It is not a sign nor a symbol but it is He, Jesus! Nancy believes that the Mass and the Eucharist must be first in our life.

After the May 13, 1993 apparition, Nancy spoke of the Mass and the Holy Eucharist: “The Mass is fully alive. Nothing surpasses the graces of the Mass. A vision does not. Jesus is present and alive at the Mass, I have been blessed to see the Glorified Christ in spirit-like form appear and merge with the priest encased in an aura of light.

“Just this morning at Mass, while I was praying during the elevation of the consecrated Host when the priest was saying “in the unity of the Holy Spirit,” the Host burst into great light, a light unlike any light on earth. There is no denying this light. I’d give my life for Jesus in this way. I know that I know that I know and I pray for those people who do not believe in the Eucharistic Jesus. They need many prayers because truly Our Lord is alive, It is truly His body and blood, His soul and divinity. You miss the Mass, you miss the Risen Christ. The priest on that altar is Christ and the offering to the Father is Jesus.

“I see angels everyday and I see them in attendance, kneeling before the tabernacle. They have hands, they have wings and white robes like Christ and they are facing the tabernacle. They are not facing an empty box. There is Someone very much present there. There are many visions of light coming from the tabernacle.

“This I know and believe, nothing is greater than the Holy Mass. I wish I could tell every single fallen away Catholic: go, go back to church, go back to Mass. Go and be reconciled with the Healer, the Divine Physician. Go to Jesus. Go, He awaits you. You know Our Mother, the Blessed Mother, is there to help you. Take her hand. I assure you that all she will do is this one thing; she will bring you closer to Jesus.”

Jesus desires for us to come visit Him. He desires for us to join with the priest in the Eucharistic sacrifice, the greatest reparation for our sins and the sins of the world. He desires to give us our daily bread. He desires for us to spend time with Him in silence before the Blessed Sacrament so that He can give us His love and great peace, comfort and direction. He also desires our reparation. Let us spend time before our Lord in the tabernacle, adoring Him, comforting Him and being in His presence.