May 13, 2002

August 4, 2002 (Date testimony was written)

Please accept my witness to you as to what happened in Conyers, Georgia at the home of Nancy Fowler on May 13, 2002 in the prayer room around noontime. There were possibly 500 to 700 pilgrims there praying the rosary and it started to rain quite hard. Nancy prayed out to the Lord for the pilgrims who traveled to the site that God would please stop the rain until they finished praying the rosary, and amazingly so the rain stopped immediately, and in fact didn’t start to rain again until all the prayers were finished.

In the meantime there was a small group of women in the prayer room, also praying the rosary, myself being one of them. Nancy and her friend Mona Karin have seen, and still do see the Cross-burst into mystical light. I
have never seen this ever, but on May 13, 2002 I saw a white mystical cross flash above the crucifix for an instant. Father, I couldn’t believe my eyes, but I promise to you I did see it.

I have had a conversion to the Catholic faith as a direct result of “Our Loving Mother’s” intercession at Conyers, Georgia and thank God everyday that I am in the Church receiving Jesus everyday at Mass.

Thank you for your time in reading my witness.

Yours in Christ,
Carol Bradford

Supernatural Manifestation

This letter contains a detailed eyewitness account of a supernatural manifestation. Upon the request of Nancy Fowler I humbly submit this account to you. I report these phenomena to the best of my recollection.

The setting consisted of a large room in the home of Nancy Fowler. Approximately thirty people were gathered around the interior facing the West wall with their eyes fixed on a crucifix measuring approximately 13X23 inches hanging about 5’ from the floor.

On May 4, 2002, supernatural phenomena manifested itself to me. This awesome occurrence became only one of many visualized by others present. The soft glow emitted from this phenomena disappeared and reappeared and slid down the wall so fast that it nearly left my field of vision!

While praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet shortly after 3PM I visualized a cross of soft white light measuring 10”X15” on the West wall about 5” to the right of the crucifix which lasted 10 seconds then disappeared. This cross of light reappeared the same distance off the left branch of the crucifix. Abruptly the cross-slid down the wall at a 30 degree angle approximately 24” to the left of the crucifix accelerating partially out of sight. When it reached the podium it disappeared.

Upon reflection of this visual manifestation of light, I believe that it is the signature of Jesus Christ. If I had any doubts as to the supernatural manifestation of this illuminating cross, it was eliminated by the speed at which it moved down the wall to the podium.

Respectfully submitted,
Mary E. Castelli

Cancer Vision

Having lived in Conyers for the last seven years, my family and I have received many graces, but I have never felt compelled to write a personal testimony until now.  This past April, just months after celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary, my husband, Richard and I discovered that we were expecting.   At the age of forty-nine, this news was a bit of a shock to us.  After the initial shock wore off, we began to tell our family and friends and to ask for their prayers.  I was scheduled to have an ultrasound at my second doctor’s appointment.  Richard went with me and we were anxious to see our baby and hear the heartbeat for the first time.  What the technician found was that I was not pregnant.  I had something very rare called a molar pregnancy.  There was no baby in my uterus, just a mass of cells.  I had surgery to remove the mass on Sunday, May 6.

After the surgery the mass of cells was sent to a lab for biopsy because in some cases a molar pregnancy can be cancerous.  Fortunately no cancer cells were found, but I was required to have weekly blood tests measuring the HCG levels to make sure that the cells were not continuing to multiply.  The tests were taken at the hospital and the results were to be sent to my doctor.

On Thursday, May 31, I had the third weekly blood test.  Later that day I was speaking to Nancy Fowler on the phone about a completely unrelated matter when Nancy interrupted saying, “I am having a vision.”  She began to describe what she was seeing.   Something appeared on her ceiling.  She said it looked like bacteria at first.  Then she realized what she saw were cells and they were multiplying very rapidly.  She said that there must have been millions of cells descending from the ceiling and filling the air, growing rapidly before her eyes and coming within a few inches of the front of her body.  She was frightened by what she was seeing and she began to cast it out, but the vision remained.  She continued to pray for understanding and the vision finally ended.  As we hung up the phone, we were both kind of shaken and unsure about this vision.

On Sunday, June 3, my sister, Pat had called and left a message on my answering machine.  My Mother was dying of pulmonary fibrosis, and had taken a turn for the worst.  We quickly packed the car and headed for New Jersey.  Somewhere along the way I realized that I had started to bleed.  We arrived in New Jersey before dawn on Monday morning. When I reached my doctor in Georgia, they told me to go to the emergency room immediately.

At the hospital, the doctor did blood work and ordered another ultrasound.  The ultrasound showed that the mass of cells in my uterus had continued to grow over the last four weeks.  The weekly blood tests that I had in Georgia showed that my blood levels had been rising over the past two weeks. The rising HCG levels in my blood were an indication that the cells were growing again.  This was a serious, life-threatening situation.

I did not know what was happening in my body, but Jesus did.  Amazingly, the cells that Jesus showed Nancy on her ceiling on Thursday, the day of my last blood test in Georgia, were the cells that were multiplying out of control in my uterus. Nancy and I didn’t realize it on Thursday, but the first thing I thought of when the doctor explained what was happening was Nancy’s vision.  Jesus was showing Nancy that my life was in danger.

After an emergency hysterectomy I began to undergo chemotherapy which lasted for four months.  While this form of growth responds well to chemotherapy, this was not the case for me.  It was not until my husband began to sprinkle and bless me with Holy Water from the well in Nancy’s backyard that my HCG levels returned to normal.

On September 28, 200l I had my last chemotherapy treatment at Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital in New York.  I arrived home to celebrate my 50th birthday with my    family in Conyers on September 30.  God has blessed us to be part of the most faithful prayer community whose love and prayers carried me through this very difficult trial.  I was given the grace to experience personally what Jesus has told Nancy, that Jesus is the Living Son of God who loves us and cares for each of us everyday, in every way, wherever we are, if we just trust in His Love.

Cindy Pfundstein
Conyers, Georgia

Cancer Healing
11/23/98 – mammogram taken
12/16/98 – x-rays determined there was mass on the right breast that needed to be removed. It was dime size and deep.
12/17/98 – Luz called about a trip to Georgia. I was physically and mentally exhausted. My heart said go, my mind said stay home, I followed my heart.
12/19/98 – We went to Holy Hill where a friend prayed with me under the cross. He asked Jesus for one drop of Precious blood for his sister and the drop hit my head. It was misty rain but the drop was so strong I looked up at Jesus and claimed my healing. I had a beautiful peace come over me and maintained it over the holidays.
1/05/99 – Took first mammogram, they developed it and consulted the doctor. Took another, developed it and consulted the doctor. They said I needed yet another because it was deep. It was developed
and the doctor was consulted again. She returned with, “We can’t find it”. Praise God.
1/07-99 – Doctor’s office called to inform me everything was OK
Jan. 1999
Kissimmee, Fl.

Catholic Conversion

Dear Nancy,

Peace to you in the Lord Jesus Christ. I wanted to drop you a note of my family’s personal testament to the power of Our Lord Jesus Christ and Our Loving Mother in Conyers, Georgia.

I was dead and now I live. I had been away from the Church for 15 years, and was absolutely void of God in my life.

In July 1992 I made a pilgrimage to Conyers, GA. Before leaving my wife vowed to me that she would never convert to Catholicism. After praying on the Holy Hill, I called my wife to let her know I was okay (less than 12 hours later) and she told me that she had contacted my parish priest and was going to begin instructions to be received into the Church, while at the same time my wife’s mother was touched and began instruction as well. Praise God ! I have seen with my own eyes the many miraculous wonders that are too numerous to count or name. But the true miracles in my life are the conversions, the return to the sacraments, and Our Lord being placed at the center of our family’s life.

Cincinnati, OH

Awakened Faith

I am so thankful and so blessed to have learned of Nancy Fowler and Conyers, Ga. Because of Conyers, Ga. I have received the greatest gift of all – better then all the lotteries in the world put together. We first went to Conyers in July 93′(not on the 13th). 

I was spiritually dead and now been “awakened” for the first time! I thought my heart would BURST with love and joy. My heart was changed and softened to a point I can hardly believe myself. 

Now I am endlessly thirsting for God! I have grown so much spiritually. I read a lot, pray the rosary daily, attend mass daily, confession monthly. I have always been Catholic but could not see the greatness of the Mass until Jesus opened my eyes and ears at Conyers!

Lakeland, Fl.

Deepened Faith

As a life-long Catholic, I approached my first trip to Conyers with an openness. However, as a police officer of seven years, I still felt a strong influence toward skepticism. 

I believe in the Conyers apparitions, I believe in the apparitions because of what has changed in my life and in the lives of the people I have affected… or as I should say, Christ has affected. The words and messages of Christ and the Blessed Mother have rung true in my life.

Although I realize my scriptural knowledge is limited and it is therefore impossible for me to realize the synonymity between Christ’s words in Conyers and those written in scripture, I can only tell you what has happened in my life. The messages in Conyers have significantly deepened my faith, have brought me back to the central vision of the Gospel, and have shown me the importance of the sacramental life of the church. In short, Conyers does not make me think of Conyers. Conyers makes me think of my Catholic faith and the importance of the sacraments therein.

I now say the rosary daily. I now attend mass with a greater fervor and understanding of its importance. Confession, which I attend at least monthly, now brings tears to my eyes because of what I have learned. I now seek a greater understanding of the Catholic faith and realize how important my faith is to me.

Feb.14, 1994
Novi, MI

Renewed Faith

I went to Conyers in September of 1993. I was in college when I visited Conyers. I was raised Catholic all my life but had fallen into serious sin in college.  I wasn’t attending Mass regularly and my prayer life was non-existent.  A friend gave me some messages from Conyers in October of 1992 and asked if she could give me a copy every month. I read the messages and at first dismissed them but Our Loving Mother was calling me and I just did not know it yet.

Over the next couple of months my thoughts on the messages changed from “this is nuts” to “if this is really happening then everything the Church has taught is right”. I started to say the rosary and started to make attempts of curbing some of my sinful behaviors. I started to go to church on Sundays and even to confession. I didn’t know it but my journey back to God had started.

Around July my friend came into work and told me about a trip to Conyers.  I just knew that I had to go. When I arrived at Conyers all I wanted to do was pray.  I remember my prayer to Our Loving Mother, “All I want to do is to draw closer to God”. I didn’t really ask to see any signs, but things happened anyway. I was praying in front of the Fatima statue with my friend. Afterwards I told her about the smell of roses but she did not smell anything, even though she was right next to me.

The day of the apparition I decided to sit and pray at Holy Hill.  It was crowded so I sat against a tree and just started to pray and listen to the Lord. I told my mom and friend I was going to pray for 5 or 10 minutes and then we could go back up to the house. I can’t really explain what took so long. I had been praying for about 45 minutes. It felt like only 5 minutes or so.  The real shocker is I was sitting Indian style against the tree. I did not feel any discomfort from the tree and my knee was fine. I can never sit Indian style for more than 5 or 10 minutes because my one knee I had surgery on gets real sore and stiff.  After that prayer time I felt so alive and full of love. When I looked at people my heart was full of love. I didn’t care how people looked or how they acted, I just felt a deep love for everyone. During the rosary I sobbed continuously. I felt so at peace and full of joy. When I got home from Conyers I looked at the world so differently.  It was like I had new eyes.

I started going to daily mass and said the rosary every day.  I started to fast and could not read enough about the Church and her teachings. My pastor even told me how different I was. People in my family started going back to church. Now I am married and have five children. Three living and two in heaven. We also have one on the way. I am in the military and we travel a lot. I have been involved in every parish I have went to. I have taught RCIA, helped host three Marian Eucharistic conferences to spread devotion to Our Lady and the Blessed Sacrament and now am involved in the Knights of Columbus.

My wife and I never miss mass and send our kids to Catholic Schools. We also use NFP and try to encourage others to do the same since so many Catholics we know use artificial contraception..

I know Our Loving Mother is constantly calling me to conversion in my life and I strive every day to follow Christ and His Church.


Unconditional Love

My wife and I visited Conyers the Monday after Thanksgiving (Nov.30.1993). We stopped there because our niece had related some most unusual things that she had experienced, and is still experiencing, as a result of her visits to Conyers. 

We visited the apparition room, we visited with one of the volunteers. We walked to Holy Hill and surveyed the scene: the altar, the crib set, the well, Nancy Fowler’s home. I hate to admit it now, but, frankly, I really wasn’t very impressed by anything I saw at this point.

I asked my wife if she would like to say the rosary and she immediately agreed. We sat down in two of the chairs located around the altar and began saying the rosary. I remember getting through the first two Hail Marys of the first decade, when suddenly I had a feeling of remarkable peace and the feeling that this was the most beautiful prayer in the world. Then, I actually felt something happen to my body (I have not been able to describe this feeling; I have never felt it before). I then felt that I had no control over my emotions and I sobbed and sobbed uncontrollably. I kept repeating to Rosemary that I was overwhelmed, completely overwhelmed!

Suddenly I had a most overwhelming feeling of love, totally unconditional love for everyone – for God, for Rosemary, and especially for people with whom I was angry at the time. And finally, it was if God said everything will be all right, trust me. 

The whole experience lasted about 5 minutes. I then said to my wife, “This truly is Holy Ground.” In my 61 years on this earth, I have never experienced anything remotely like this. 

I will say this: the feeling of love was immense, totally unconditional, and completely overwhelming!

I have been deeply effected by this experience, and I thank Jesus for this special gift.

Jan. 24, 1993
Cincinnati, OH

Marriage Reconciled

Earlier this year, a relative had planned on a divorce. The divorce would have mentally destroyed my relative who was willing to abandon the children.

I e-mailed the “Little Helpers of Our Loving Mother” with my prayer petition. Within 3-days, the marriage was reconciled. I have never witnessed such a swift answer to a prayer.

I have received spiritual favors through the intercession of Our Lady under the title “Our Loving Mother”. She has helped me in my daily struggles to stay focused on her Son in the Eucharist and to draw graces from the Sacrament of Penance.

I feel very strongly that Conyers is a powerful oasis of grace. Our Lord wants to give many graces and I feel that people have forgotten about this place of prayer as well as the messages.

October 29, 2000

Please let my husband stop and smell the roses.
Let him appreciate what he already has.

February 4, 1998

Archbishop of Atlanta
Most Reverend John F. Donoghue
680 West Peachtree St., NW
Atlanta, GA 30308

Dear Father Donoghue,

I am writing this letter to let you know that I have had a miraculous conversion last September 1997 at the apparition site in Conyers, GA by the visionary Nancy Fowler.

It all started back in 1996, when my mother-in-law came to visit us in Norcross, GA.  My mother-in-law wanted to go visit the Monastery in Conyers (she was interested in obtaining information on the retreats).  Well, my wife got directions on how to get there but when we took the exit no. 42 off the I20, we made a wrong turn.  Instead of taking a right, we took a left and ended up at the apparition site where the visionary Nancy Fowler lives.

We visited the info-center and the apparition room.  I remember at the time, they used to have the picture books that the Pilgrims had taken.  Some of the pictures were incredible, and I wanted to see more of them, but we were in a rush to leave, because our trip was to visit the Monastery and my mother-in-law was very anxious to leave.  Therefore, we left for the Monastery.  Other than being exited about the pictures, nothing unusual happened to me.  I remained fast in my old ways, work, work, and work.

Last year around September 1997, my parents came to visit us and planned to stay with use for a few weeks.  One of their good friends, whom while the Virgin Mary used to appear every 13th of the month he would take a trip up to Conyers to pray and listen to the monthly messages for the United States.  The friend used to tell my parents about this apparition site, and they were interested in visiting it.

The last week of September, it was getting time for my parents to leave back for South Florida and they wanted to visit the apparition site in Conyers.  My wife my parents and myself took a trip to visit the apparition site.  We went and first stopped by the apparition room, then the info-center and after walked to Holy Hill (a 10-15 minute walk).

While we were at the info-center, I wanted to show my parents the picture album, but it was no longer available for display.  The volunteer said that they were getting back to basics, concentrating just on the messages from our Blessed Mother and Jesus.  We looked around, and started to leave.  As we were walking out, the volunteer told us that they prayed the Rosary at 3:00pm and we were welcome to join.  I said thank you, but never had any intentions or interest in praying.  One good reason is that I did not know how to pray, I have not prayed since I was a little boy (10 yr. old or younger) in Rome Italy.

We started our walk to visit Holy Hill, and you find out very quickly that the ground that you are walking on is rugged, muddy and lots of red clay to get your shoes and clothes dirty.  That did not stop us, and arrived at Holy Hill.  As you look around, the site is very ordinary and nothing spectacular was going on.

We walked back to the apparition home, where I parked our truck.  For some reason, we went back inside to the apparition room, and they were just getting ready to start the Rosary.  As the volunteer started, he asked the pilgrims to volunteer to lead each decade of the Rosary.  For some unexplainable reason, I felt such a huge feeling to lead one of the decades and volunteered for one.  As soon as I did, I wondered why I just did this, but felt incredibly good about it.  I quickly asked my wife to tell me what I was supposed to do.  When it came to my turn, I followed the prayer sheet and felt very good.  I did not know what was happening to me, but I felt such a peace and love and such an urge to pray from the heart.  The Rosary lasted about an hour.

Once we walked out of the apparition room, I felt like I was looking at the world with a different pair of eyes.  We went back into the info-center, and took some of the literature and books with the messages.

From that point on, I felt my life changing.  I did not look at the world the same way that I did just an hour ago.  During that week, I started reading the messages, my wife was teaching me how to pray and for the first time in my life, working 14 hour days to make money was no longer the most important thing in my life.

A the end of the week, my wife told me that she saw such a 180 degree change in my attitude, and shared a secret with me.  She told me that just before we started to pray the Rosary, she wrote a request to the Virgin Mary and placed it in the petition basket.  The message was as follows:  “Please let my husband stop and smell the roses, so that he can appreciate what he already has.”

At this time, my parents decided to stay another 2 weeks so that we could all go on October 13, 1997 to the apparition site for the anniversary messages of the Virgin Mary to the US.

On October 13, 1997 we arrived at the apparition site around 7:00am (still dark outside), and it was already packed.  We found four empty spots right in front of the info-center, and parked our chairs there.  At 12:00pm every body started to pray the Rosary, and we all joined in.  During the Rosary, my mother saw the miracle of the sun.  She kept pointing and looking at the sun, but my wife, father and I could not see it, looking at the sun blinded us all, but my mother kept on looking and pointing it out to us.  A little bit later, I smelled roses for a moment, my wife smelled it a few times, and my father did not see or smell anything.  After the Rosary, Nancy Fowler announced the message from the Virgin Mary over the speaker systems.  Then we all went to Holy Hill to pray and take home Holy Water from the well that Jesus blessed.

My parents left a few days after the apparition with a renewed love for God.

During the following week, I felt all the sins of my last 35 years on my shoulders.  It became so unbearable, and heavy.  I could not function. My wife did notice, and asked me why I was so unhappy.  I felt such an urge to tell my wife all of my darkest secretes, so I did.  I cried like a baby.  This did help, but was such a minute relief.  A great urge came over me to go to confession.

It was over 25 years since my last confession, I must have been less than 10 years old and living in Rome Italy.  I finally got the courage to go, and to prepare my self, I made a list (long) of all the sins that I could remember, and went to confession.  Crazy enough, my penance was to stop and reflect on everything that God has blessed me with.  Is not this weird, this is the same message that my wife placed in the petition basket at the apparition site.  I knew that God really did forgive me, and it was Jesus that forgave my sins, through the priest.  It was too much of a coincidence, that my penance was, the same message (request) that led me to my conversion.

From that moment, I felt great about my self, I had nothing to hide.  The weight of my sins was removed from my shoulders.

Well to summarize what happened to me, my life as changed completely.  I now go to Mass to receive the Eucharistic Jesus each day, pray the Rosary each day, and do penance.  During that hour praying the Rosary, I know 100% without a doubt that the Virgin Mary touched my heart and brought me back to her son Jesus.

Please feel free to call me anytime with any questions or comments at … or by e-mail at …

God’s peace be with you,

Marco L. Napoli