# 483
The Mothers' Wombs have become the Concentration Camps of the World

During the Rosary Nancy saw in a flash a vision of the evil face of Hitler. The Blessed Mother then said, "The mothers' wombs have become the concentration camps of the world." Later the Blessed Mother said, "A hammer will pound the earth like an angry parent pounds the table. When will you listen? And all the time the parent is loving the child."

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January 13, 1992

“Dear Children of America, be children of light. Walk away from sin. Please children, many of you are in danger of losing Heaven forever. There is no greater suffering than the loss of God. Prepare yourselves for eternal happiness. Come follow my Son’s light. Banish all darkness from your souls. Keep the laws of God. You cannot love God without keeping His commandments.

“I bless you. I am praying for you to come to the light. As my Son went to the water for His baptism, I ask you to return to the light of your baptism.”

On November 30, 1987, while Nancy was in silent prayer of the heart in her home, the Crucifix was illuminated in a bright whiter than white light. The image of the corpus was engulfed in light and became lifelike.

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179 – I Am The Great Provider (February 21, 1992)

Jesus said thus and then asked Nancy to get the book “My Daily Bread” and open it randomly. Nancy opened it to page 284, “The Effects of Charity in Daily Life”. Nancy saw a white cross of light appear on the page.

“This is highly recommended reading for My children. I recommend this book. How can I not recommend it when My words are in this book?”

Messages on Abortion

See below a few messages from Jesus and Our Loving Mother regarding abortion. 478. If You Elect Them and They Create Laws against God, then You Will Be Held Accountable (September 12, 1992) While at Mass, Nancy heard the Blessed Mother speak: “Nancy, my little daughter, please write my words. The murders must stop. There are…

Recommended Reading from Jesus

February 21, 1992 Jesus said, “Let every home have an altar. Each altar should have a crucifix, a blessed candle, an image of My Mother. Every crucifix, every image of My Mother, every candle should be blessed. Let holy water be freely available in each home. “My children need a place to go and be…

The New Commandment

The New Commandment On May 13, 1995, Jesus said to Nancy, “Be little and serve. True greatness comes in serving in a little way. If you do not understand the Little Way, I invite you to learn about My saint, My little Therese.” The Blessed Mother told Nancy, “Please, when suffering comes to you, offer…

I Am the Cross

I Am the Cross Union with God is union with Jesus. In John 6:35 Jesus said, “I am the bread of life; he who comes to me shall not hunger, and he who believes in me shall never thirst.” In John 6:56 Jesus tells us, “He who eats my flesh and drinks my blood abides…

Carry your cross and follow in my Son’s footsteps

Our Loving Mother said, “Carry your cross and follow in my Son’s footsteps. He has set the path before you. Unless you are following in His footsteps, you are not following.” If we walk in the light of Jesus, we will be following Him. Jesus told us, “Anyone who follows Me will not be walking…

The Gift of the Holy Spirit

The Gift of the Holy Spirit Jesus was led by the Holy Spirit all His life. The Holy Spirit led Him to the perfect will of His Father. The Holy Spirit led Him to sacrifice Himself in love to the Father on the cross for us. Jesus said in John 4:23-24, “But the hour is…

The less of you and the more of Me

The less of you and the more of Me Bishop Fulton Sheen has talked about the law of life. He has said that life must consume food and nourish itself and if it is going to live a higher life, it must surrender itself and be consumed. For example, minerals are surrendered to plants and…

Always center on My Eucharist

Always center on My Eucharist Jesus has said, “Always center on My Eucharist.” Our Holy Father, John Paul II, has written in his Apostolic Letter “Dominicae Cenae”, “the Eucharist is above all else a sacrifice.” Jesus told Nancy, while she was praying before the tabernacle that had a cross suspended above and the body of…

Teach my children the importance of this prayer

Teach my children the importance of this prayer Over and Over Our Loving Mother has asked us to pray and sacrifice for peace and the conversion of our sisters and brothers – to make reparation for them. This reparation is connected to achieving peace. We can be close to God through prayer and sacrifice as…

Ways to Console, Repair and Mend a Heart

Ways to Console, Repair and Mend a Heart The following Conyers message from Jesus and Mary touched our hearts as we searched for a deeper understanding of how we can make reparation. On December 10, 1990 Jesus spoke of the reparation of hearts, His Heart and our hearts. Jesus said, “I am the greatest gift…