What is being asked of us to achieve Peace?

What is being asked of us to achieve Peace?

The Fatima and Conyers messages both request reparation as the way to peace and warn of consequences if the requests are not heeded.

The Fatima messages of 1917 warned of World War II, the rise of Russia and the spread of Russia’s errors and communism, if mankind did not amend its ways and turn back to God.

“You will thus draw down Peace upon Your country”

The Angel of Peace said these words in bold above at Fatima, Portugal in 1917. Portugal did as the Angel of Peace requested and the people drew down Peace upon their country. Portugal did not enter World War II.

If we want Peace, we can learn from Portugal’s success. The Angel of Peace said, “make everything you can a sacrifice and offer it to God as an act of reparation for the sins by which He is offended and in supplication for the conversion of sinners. In this way, you will draw down Peace upon your country.”

In the Conyers messages Jesus has told us, “Do not to trust Russia. I tell you do not be fooled by a false peace… a great secret is rapidly coming to fulfillment because of the great sins of mankind against God.” Nancy then said, “Please note that the Most Holy Virgin of Fatima appeared and mentioned the secret and its soon fulfillment.”

In addition, Jesus has said, “Korea, China and Russia are a deadly trio.” Jesus also told us, “A great war is coming. Unless My children wholeheartedly turn back to Me, I will not stop the war … China is a real enemy. From China will come a great war. Do not trust China.”

In the Conyers messages, Jesus has requested, “Let Masses be said for peace,” and the Blessed Mother calls for “Prayers and sacrifices in reparation for the sins of the world.” The Blessed Mother also states that “Prayers and sacrifices are postponing a great war. Persevere in your prayers and increase your prayers and sacrifices for peace.” The Blessed Mother draws a direct relationship between reparation, prayer, sacrifice and peace. What is she asking of us?

In Conyers, Our Loving Mother has told us her purpose for coming. She said, “The purpose of My coming is to bring you to My Son.”

If we look at the Anniversary messages given on May 13th and October 13th, we see that she asked us for reparation over and over.

Jesus said to Nancy on June 1, 1993, “Look up the word reparation and please explain this to My children. In order to help you, My dear children, understand what My Mother is asking of each of you.”

The Webster dictionary explains reparation as: “a repairing or being repaired; a restoration to a good condition or making amends; a making up for a wrong or injury.”

On October 13, 1994, Our Loving Mother said, “I came to Fatima and I asked for Reparation. Again I come and I seek willing souls to make reparation.” On October 13, 1993 she said, ” My children, you must stop offending God. If you do not, the greatest sufferings will befall you in this decade…”

“My dear children, you have not honored all my requests that I had made at Fatima and again, I ask for the same requests today from each of you.”

The Blessed Mother said if her requests were done at Fatima there would be peace, if not there would be a bigger war than the first world war. Her requests were not heeded and World War II came.

The Blessed Mother said she is coming with the same requests at Conyers as she asked for at Fatima. She is warning again of war if we do not do as she is asking. She has told us, “I am only a messenger from Heaven sent to echo His words to you.”

Can we not learn from Fatima and World War II? The war resulted when we did not do the reparation and things that the Blessed Mother and the Angel of Peace requested in Fatima, Portugal.

In asking for reparation, Our Loving Mother is asking us to make amends for our sins which were the result of our walking away from the Commandments of God and choosing our will and the ways of the world. Reparation is the process of making up for these sins or injuries caused to God. Reparation is the process of repairing and restoring to a good condition the bond of love between our heart’s and the heart of Her Son. Reparation is to die to ourselves and the ways of the world and restore our heart to a oneness of self sacrificing love joined with the heart of Jesus.

Out of all prayers, the prayer chosen by God for the back of the holy card in Conyers, was the Angel of Peace prayer. The Angel of Peace gave this prayer at Fatima requesting reparation for the “outrages, sacrileges and indifferences whereby He is offended.” The Angel of Peace showed us the way to Peace. The Angel gave the Fatima children this prayer when he suspended the chalice and Host in the air and prostrated himself on the ground in adoration of the Eucharistic Jesus and repeated this prayer three times and then gave them Holy Communion. After Holy Communion, once again the Angel prostrated himself on the ground, repeated the prayer to the Holy Trinity three times and disappeared.

Jesus told Nancy, “I await you in every tabernacle of the world. I offer you all My love, all completely, totally. To My Father, I offer Myself for love of you. Why do you stay away? Do you not know Me? Do you not know that I am in every tabernacle. Come before Me. I will help you. I love you. I will heal you. See what gifts await you. Do I not always give more than I receive? Bring yourself to Me. I long for your presence. Will you not sacrifice yourself, your time, your love for Me?”

Jesus then said to Nancy about the Angel of Peace prayer, “Let Me hear this prayer echoed from your hearts all over the world.”

On May 13, 1994, the last day of Our Loving Mother’s regular monthly messages, She said, “Behold I point you to the Eucharistic Jesus… Come, go before my Son. He is in the Blessed Sacrament.

“Come to the memorial of my Son’s passion.”

Our Loving Mother is trying to bring us to her Son. She is asking us for reparation, especially Eucharistic reparation. She said that this is the way to Peace and that the only peace she knows about, comes from her Son, Jesus.