Always center on My Eucharist

Always center on My Eucharist

Jesus has said, “Always center on My Eucharist.” Our Holy Father, John Paul II, has written in his Apostolic Letter “Dominicae Cenae”, “the Eucharist is above all else a sacrifice.” Jesus told Nancy, while she was praying before the tabernacle that had a cross suspended above and the body of Jesus with His arms out stretched on it, “I am a Living Sacrifice of Love.” When we combine the two sentences above from Jesus, He is saying always center on My living sacrifice of love.

Thus when we center on the Eucharist, we center on a sacrifice, a living sacrifice of love… Jesus! Our Goal! Through this sacrifice of dying, He became our living bread of Sacrificial Love.

When we realize that Jesus in the Eucharist is a living sacrifice of love and that He is sacrificing Himself today and everyday in the tabernacle for us, do we not want to go to Him and offer our sacrifice in return? To offer Him our respect, our time, our hearts, our sacrifice of love for what He is doing for us in the Mass and in the tabernacle to save us and all mankind. He brings peace between man and God when we come an make reparation. He offers us healing for our sins and mends our hearts.

Jesus said, “I await you in every tabernacle of the world. I offer you all My love, all completely, totally. To My Father, I offer Myself for love of you. Why do you stay away? Do you not know Me? Do you not know that I am in every tabernacle. Come before Me. I will help you. I love you. I will heal you. See what gifts await you. Do I not always give more than I receive? Bring yourself to Me. I long for your presence. Will you not sacrifice yourself, your time, your love for Me?”

Jesus has told us He is continuing to offer Himself, to sacrifice Himself, to the Father for us. When someone is making a sacrifice of love for you, do you not want to return it? If we really center on the Eucharist as a sacrifice of love, do we not want to return the sacrifice of love?

Do we not want to feed on the bread of life… the Living Sacrifice of Love with great reverence, respect and appreciation? Do we not want to join our sacrifice to His at the Holy Mass?

The more we desire to feed on Jesus, the more we want to take Him into us, to be like Him. He is the Bread of Life, He is Love, He is the Cross, He is Self Sacrificing Love that sacrifices Himself so we can feed on his self sacrificing love – our bread.

The more we die to our self by self sacrificing love and feed on the Bread of Life, the more of Jesus there will be in our lives and the less of us. In other words, the less of our will, means the more of the will of Jesus living in us.