Spiritual Apparition


I saw light on the crucifix. Jesus revealed to me His Living presence today, for the second time, alive in mystical light in my prayer room. And the whole wall behind the crucifix became various shades of red and scarlet color during the apparition and Jesus revealed His suffering face four or five times. I did not know that I was crying until I felt a wet tear on my cheek.

Then, I was first shown a large angel kneeling and praying at the foot of the cross. I began to invite angels and saints to come and console Him. Many saints were appearing, one right after another. The one saint that I recognized, was Saint Joseph. He stayed in my view a few seconds longer that the other saints. Many other saints were appearing so rapidly changing every second that I did not know who they were. I called upon the Mother of God and all the angels and saints to please go to Jesus. Then I saw a white silhouette of Our Lady out of the corner of my eye. It was as if I was aware of Her presence without seeing Her. Jesus revealed to me that there was a punishment coming upon the world and I was praying for the Mercy of God for the world. Trying to console Him, I told Our Lord that He had many children who loved Him and that it hurt me so much to see His suffering.

He continued to thank me each time I tried to console Him. My dear Loving Jesus is so tender hearted, loving and merciful.

Then I was shown that the whole world became dark. In the mist of this great darkness the only light the shown forth came from this luminous cross, that seemed to be suspended in this darkness.

A body of water appeared below the foot of the cross. Then the water became dark and it seemed to have various shades of deep red. I do not know what this means that the water will change color.

I understood that I would have many more visions in the days ahead because of what’s coming.