Preparing for the Rosary Novena for Nancy’s Healing


August 1, 2009 – Feast of St. Alphonsus Ligouri

Nancy was with friends in the privacy of her home when suddenly she went into a trance-like state as her gaze were fixed on the crucifix above her fireplace. Jesus manifested himself to her alive on the cross. The inanimate object of her crucifix suddenly took life and became animate and full of light. Only she could see such a vision. Her eyes glistened as her face became radiant with joy.

The Divine voice spoke to Nancy. She said, “I heard something”.

Thru Nancy, Jesus called one of the people present in the room, saying, “(Name deleted), when 2 or 3 are gathered in My Name, I AM here. (Name deleted) is my faithful servant.” Nancy saw a radiant light shining about the person Jesus was referring to. He said to him thru Visionary, “Keep up the good work”.

In this vision, Nancy saw an image of the Virgin Mary who quietly appeared momentarily and then quietly disappeared. Our Lady does this to show us that wherever her Son Jesus is, there she is also present and sustaining us by her motherly intercession.

Jesus said to Nancy, “You didn’t say what I said first to (name deleted) to pray for my daughter.” One of Nancy’s friends present at this spiritual experience witnessed with his own eyes a light shining about the crucifix.

Without thinking of her own illness, Nancy then prayed for the healing of the person above whom Jesus called “my faithful servant”. He has his own health complications. But the Lord’s reply to that prayer was, “My grace is sufficient.” Suddenly, the light coming from Jesus engulfed that person who was kneeling and embraced him, so that he was completely embraced by the light of God. Nancy eyes gazed at the eyes of Jesus who looked about the room. He fixed is Divine gaze upon another person and as though reading his soul said thru Nancy, “Thank you for your prayers. Trust Me!”

Jesus continued to turn his head and his loving gaze were fixed on yet another person present in the room. He called that person by name twice, “(Name deleted), Trust Me!”

The Son of God continued to look about. His eternal gaze seemed to penetrate all things and everyone present. Who can escape the eternal gaze of God, the All seeing eye of God? Nothing is hidden from Him: No thought, no action, no word! We remember the words of the Bible, “Even the dark is not dark to you (God); the night is as bright as the day: for dark and light are the same to you” (Psalm 139:12). Also, “Nothing is concealed that will not be revealed, nor secret that will not be known” (Mt. 10.26-33).

Appearing alive on the cross in radiant light, Jesus again said to Nancy, “Where two or three are gather together, I AM”. He looked about the room until his gaze rested upon the visionary herself and said, “Your friends are praying for you.” He then revealed to her privately the state of the soul of another person present in the room, but no one knew what it was about, for it was confidential.

A priest, who had heard about the visions of Conyers and believes, was passing through from another country. He happened to be present. Jesus said to Nancy, “Ask Father to raise his hand in blessing. As he blesses you, I also bless you.”

The light then vanished and the crucifix in the room returned to its original inanimate state.

As though still taken up by this personal encounter with God, Nancy said with a serene voice, “Jesus never addressed my illness, but only reassured me that others are praying for me.” While she looked upon the face of Christ, it seemed as though she had become oblivious to herself and the world around her.