# 741
You Can Not Control Your World. I Alone Can

Nancy was upset about something that had really troubled her for a long time. Someone was continually doing things to hurt Nancy. Nancy was having trouble trying to forgive the person. She said that she could not stand it any longer. Nancy asked Jesus, "You said that You would not let my cross get beyond what I can carry. This cross is too big for me. Please help me. Please remove this cross by removing this person." Nancy cried and begged Jesus. Jesus said, "I have heard your request." Jesus did not say anything else. Nancy felt depressed. A short time later she saw a black image. She tried to cast it away in the Name of Jesus and, also, by spraying Holy Water but the image remained.

"Man tries to make decisions that are reserved for God alone. You can not control your world. I alone can."
George said, "You are not letting go. Let Jesus make the decision about the situation which is giving you so much grief. He knows everything. He reads hearts. He does everything in love. If it was not love for Him to permit this grief, the cross would be removed. He knows what is best. Let go and let Him lead. When you do not let go and let Jesus lead, you are inviting the influences of the devil. This is why the black image and your depression will not leave. I have learned this the hard way." Nancy saw Satan appear, half white and half black. Nancy asked Jesus what was happening. Jesus said, "I have given this teaching before. Does it sound familiar? Man tries to make decisions that are reserved for God alone. You can not control your world. I alone can. "I will give you what you need and I will take away what you do not need if you let Me. When you tell Me you have to have something or you have to have something changed, then you are being very prideful before Me." Jesus then showed Nancy a banner with the words "Let go and let God". George thought of a friend who had "let go" and found Jesus. Later the friend was given a gift from Jesus of a good, future husband. The friend allowed her prayer life to lessen as she focused more and more on the gift. George then said, "If you concentrate on the gift, you miss the greatest gift, the Gift Giver - Love". Jesus said, "Write that down. If you concentrate on the gifts instead of the Gift Giver, then you are in trouble." Jesus paused and then said to Nancy, "Feel better, precious one." Nancy asked Jesus what caused the black image to go away. "You called Me for help. I showed you the problem. "You called a friend for help. Your friend helped you see that you needed to let go and you did and the image left." Nancy asked, "When You say You showed me the problem, do You mean the demons?" "Yes. "Wait, there is more. You let go and I took it. It is very important to stay close to Me." Nancy asked, "What happens to a person who calls for help and doesn't let go?" "Let them read My words and learn from Me." Nancy said, "When I let go, a white light came down. Then I felt like a load has been lifted. I feel better." Jesus then said, "You know who your friend is? He is Simon the Cyrene. Satan does not like you, George. Rejoice." George at first thought it was great that he was like Simon the Cyrene but then he realized that Jesus was actually teaching us the definition of all spiritual friends rather than complementing him. Spiritual friends help carry each other's crosses. George said, "Jesus, if Satan hates me, I have to stay very close to You or he will hurt me."
"It is very important to stay close to Me."