# 331
Must I Show My Might Before They Turn

Jesus said, "You appreciate My goodness. If only My children would appreciate Me. "Oh Nancy, My children have wandered very far from Me. They don't desire Me and they don't want to know Me and they don't care. Their hearts have grown cold and indifferent. Must I show My might before they turn and come back to Me? "The days are rapidly approaching when My punishment will begin. "Oh how I suffer for love of My children. You will not love Me in love, will you love Me in fear? Please children, come back to Me. If you know Me, you will love Me. "Weary am I! "Man does not want My love and mercy. Then man shall see My justice. "My children are not listening, My dearest daughter. My words fall on deaf ears and hardened hearts. Ask My children to increase their prayers for peace or they will not have peace. "I have spoken. I am Jesus, Son of the Living God."