"It is charity that makes your love bloom and grow."

Jesus said, "My dearest daughter, I wish to speak to you about the virtue of charity. It is charity that makes your love bloom and grow. "The heavenly scent of charity is a rare perfume which scents the world with My Living Presence. "Bring blossoms unto My crib. These heavenly blossoms are the scents that perfume Heaven. "To bring love to perfection, you bring acts of charity to perfection." [The wall behind the crucifix turned pink again.] "My little one, charity does not reign in the hearts of men. You have let this virtue wither and die within you. I have given you the seed of this virtue at Baptism and you have failed to allow this seed to grow within you. "Bring to Me your garden of virtues in full bloom. Bring these bouquets to My crib. "As flowers grow in the right conditions of nature, so does your soul grow in the right conditions of love - the right conditions of charity, of hope and faith. "As flowers in nature need light of the sun to grow, souls need My light to grow. "The saints have learned to cultivate My heavenly garden and have perfumed the earth in My light. Learn from your sisters and brothers who have gone before you and who have returned to Me. Learn from them."