# 702
Many, Many of You Have Not Taken Your First Step on Your Journey Back to God

"My dear children, please quiet your hearts. I ask you to stop right where you are. Think about God more and talk to Him more. "Many of you will find these instructions too basic. Many of my children are infants and are very young. Many, many of you have not taken your first step on your journey back to God. Please understand my Son has sent me to help you. Take my hand. Take my heart and listen. God's plan for each of you is to know Him and to grow in Love. This time is your time. Each soul is unique unto God and God has given each soul a unique journey. Grow, little children, in Love. I bless you. "As you make the Sign of the Cross, I will depart, yet I will remain with you wherever you pray." [The face of Jesus appeared momentarily.] "Please remember to thank my Son."