# 227
The Commandments Are A Full Circle

During the early morning hours, Nancy saw a circle of white light appear on the wall. Jesus then said, "I am a circle. Everything revolves around Me. No circle is more complete than Me. I am without beginning and without end. "The Commandments are not linear, but are a full circle. I am speaking. I am Jesus. I am Love. You begin your journey with Me and you end your journey with Me. "Know that all gifts come from Me. If you take something (or someone) from another, you are taking from Me. No one strikes another without first striking Me. No one takes from another, without first taking from Me. "If you desire what is evil, you desire what is not of Me. Desire My Heart and receive the fullness of My Love forever. "Nancy, today bear witness to My Living Presence in the Eucharist. You hear Me. You know Me. Love Me more. Go forth and teach." Theologian's Footnote: Jesus is the Eternal Word of God in our flesh, the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity Incarnate. Therefore, Jesus, as God, is without beginning and end. Jesus, as man, had a beginning: conceived in the Virgin Mary by the Power of the Holy Spirit.