# 623
My Children Do Not Understand the Suffering I Endured for Each One of Them

There was an unusually loud disturbance in the hallway during a vision of the Blessed Mother. The disturbance was so distracting that Nancy could not write the words of the Blessed Mother. Nancy felt that Satan was the cause of the disruption. Later Nancy was telling her friends about the disturbance. Jesus then said, "It was Satan in the hallway. You must always remember to use My Name to make him go. You must not delay." Jesus continued, "I want you to thank each one present for Me for the work they are doing for Me." Jesus looked tenderly at each person in the room. "When you are being disturbed, you must remember it is not coming from Me. "My Mother understands." [In reference to the earlier disturbance during the apparition.]

"There is going to be suffering all over the world if My children do not return to Me."
"There is going to be suffering all over the world if My children do not return to Me." Nancy saw the crucified face of Jesus. Nancy asked Jesus, "Why am I seeing You suffering?" Jesus replied, "The sins of the world. Men are ungrateful everywhere." Nancy saw Jesus coughing, like He was coughing-up blood in His mouth. [A doctor who was in the room later explained that Jesus probably coughed-up blood before He died because the blood was preventing Him from breathing.] Jesus continued, "My children do not understand the suffering I endured for each one of them, each soul, every soul. "The world does not know I am alive." Jesus looked at everyone in the room. "Thank you for trying." Jesus told Nancy that the people in the room were also being rejected. Nancy again saw the crucified face of Jesus and two arched images that she thought were wings of angels. Jesus said, "They are My Ten Commandments." A bright mystical light flashed as Nancy said, "They are not keeping His commandments." Then a bright white cross of light appeared and it later became red as everyone began praying the "Our Father".