# 674
Oh My Stubborn Children

In the evening Jesus said, "You did not see many angels at Mass. When a soul does not go directly to Heaven, there are not many angels." [Jesus was referring to a Mass that Nancy attended recently which was said for a person who had died. Nancy often sees angels at daily and Sunday Masses.] Nancy then remembered attending, a couple of years earlier, the large funeral of a young boy. At the funeral she saw hundreds and hundreds of angels all around the altar. Later Nancy thanked Jesus for the miraculous photographs that she received of the Blessed Mother.

"Oh My stubborn children, I come laden with gifts and you go running."
Jesus said, "I assure you there will be more." [A person gave the miraculous pictures of the Blessed Mother to Nancy. This person, while estranged from God and church, experienced a conversion following the September 13, 1992 apparition at Conyers. He returned to God, started attending church and will become a Catholic. On December 27, 1992 he prayed to God in front of the new, white statue of Our Lady of Fatima that is near the Holy Hill. Suddenly the face on the statue of the Blessed Mother turned to natural colors and became alive! He then captured the miracle in a series of extraordinary Polaroid pictures and shared the pictures with Nancy and others.] Jesus continued, "Oh My stubborn children, I come laden with gifts and you go running." Nancy said, "I love you. You are my Father. You are my best friend. Please protect me from the evil one." "I tell you solemnly. I protect this home. Do all that I ask."