"Behold the memorial of My sacrifice"

Jesus said, "My beloved children, behold the Memorial of My Sacrifice. Behold the Sacrificial Lamb. "Come unto Me with repentant and humble hearts." Momentarily Nancy saw an image of the suffering face of Christ in mystical light. "Come to the table of My new covenant ready to receive Me. Partake of My Body and My Blood in the state of grace." In a vision Nancy saw the wall behind the crucifix turned a light pinkish color. A mystical substance which looked like blood flowed down the wall. On the crucifix the corpus of Christ was bursting with bright mystical light. Then a light flashed into the room that looked like lightning. The wall turned a scarlet color as Jesus said: "Please partake of My Body and Blood in the state of grace and in total abandonment of your will to My Will. Separate not your state of grace and your surrender. Come before Me in this way." Jesus appeared as glorified in bright light. The wall turned scarlet and pinkish colors. Jesus did not speak as He turned His head toward Heaven and then downward, looking at everyone in the room. There was such a sense of surrender and great suffering on His face as Jesus, appearing on the cross, said: "I did this for you." There was a long pause. Then great mystical light emanated from the cross as Jesus said: "Come and eat and drink at My table. I give you the food of Life and you will never thirst and you will never go hungry in My Kingdom. "You have My Heart completely, totally in every Communion."