# 337
You Are My Prophet

After Mass Jesus said, "Nancy, My dearest daughter, please don't be troubled. I am with you." Nancy said, "Jesus, please help me." [Nancy had been concerned because people were questioning her messages from Jesus] Jesus said, "You are not a false prophet. You are My prophet."

"Go and record what I have shown to you."
Nancy saw angels and Our Lady of Fatima appear. Nancy saw more and Jesus said, "Go and record what I have shown to you." Nancy wrote, "I saw the Blessed Mother, appearing in great white light, holding the Infant Jesus and looking tenderly, lovingly at Him. Then I saw the Blessed Mother wearing all black. Then, a huge, all black triangle appeared." Nancy asked, "Jesus, what does all this mean?" Jesus said, "My Mother is the Mother of great joy, My Mother is a Mother of great sorrows." [Nancy has been told that when our Blessed Mother appears in black, She is sorrowful, and that the black triangle has meant that the Most Holy Trinity of God is offended.] Jesus then said, "My Mother will come with two hearts on the 13th."