# 281
Know And Believe I Love Them All Equally

Jesus said through Nancy, "Now, George, you see why she is My mercy. With all the help I am giving her, she still tries to go her own way. She is My child of mercy because, in spite of My graces, she still tries to do her own thing. How's that for modern lingo?" George has indicated that he too tries to go his own way and is too independent and proud. Jesus said to Nancy, "I pour forth My love and mercy to you more than anyone else. I want the world to understand in their limited capacity about the depth of My love and mercy. So many of My children think My love is shallow and My mercy nonexistent. Those who think this are gods unto themselves. "I hear every conversation everywhere. When you look up and see that I am present during your conversations, you will be able to tell others. Have you forgotten that I have asked for a crucifix to be in every room? Have you done this? I use the crucifix to show you My light and My constant presence. George, Nancy is to bear witness to My living presence and she will show the world My love and mercy through the cross. I, the Risen Lord, appear most in the light of the cross as I am one with the Holy Trinity of God, the light and cross are one. "Let Me identify Myself so you may know Who is speaking. I Am who Am. I Am the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity. I Am Jesus. I Am your Lord and Savior. Do you need more identification, Nancy? "Believe and know I love you and help the world to know and believe I love them all equally. "Remember to tell the world this light is Me."