# 896
I Have Died for Each One of You... Come Closer... Come Follow Me

Nancy and friends began to pray the Rosary. Nancy saw an immense light coming from the crucifix as Jesus spoke. Jesus said, "You are My children. I have died for each one of you. I suffer, My dear children." [Nancy saw the crucified face of Christ.] "My children, I love you. I am calling you to come unto Me. Come closer. Come closer. I am calling you to come closer. Come follow Me. "You will suffer. "Know, I will never abandon you." [At this moment Nancy saw a mystical tear, glowing in light, flow down onto His shoulder. The mystical light was very bright.] "Pray children, I will never desert you." Nancy could see Jesus' lips moving but she could not hear anything. She asked Jesus to explain. "I am praying to My Father for you." At the end of the First Sorrowful Mystery, Jesus said, "I am the Living Bread come down from Heaven. I am He Who is before you now. Prepare to receive Me. Prepare with outstretched arms. I Am." [See the September 1, 1994 message which follows.] Nancy saw everything glowing in bright mystical light. Jesus continued, "Stay together." At this moment Nancy saw great areas of red on the wall, beneath the cross. "Stay together. I am here. Stay together in My Kingdom. The world is going to suffer." "Seek Me in the silence of your heart and you will hear Me. I am giving you a special blessing of My Living Presence."