# 197
I Am Love. I Am Life. I Am Truth. I Am The Way

Jesus said to Nancy, "You will speak before multitudes. Tell them about the Kingdom of God. Tell them about My Kingdom. Say this is how it is with the reign of God. "For God to reign in man's hearts, his heart must be prepared. Prepare your heart by filling it with love. I am love. I am life. I am truth. I am the way. I will come and rest in those whose hearts are pure. Are you ready for the Kingdom of God? Prepare your hearts now. Be rich in Me. Do you desire life? Then be alive in My heart. Do you desire truth? Then hear My word and believe. Do you desire to know the way? Then take up your cross and follow after Me. "Imitate Me. Be holy as I am holy. "I will end by saying reflect on the word holy. H - Hold Me in your heart. O - Put the circle of love around yourself and then around the whole world. L - Love is life, life is love. Y - You will have the Kingdom of God. "Reflect upon these words and let the Holy Spirit of God add more."