# 420
When Jesus Lives in You, You Emit Rays of His Light

During the monthly apparition, the Blessed Mother explained to Nancy an earlier vision that Nancy did not understand. Nancy had seen the Blessed Mother wearing a grey color. Nancy also saw the Baby Jesus in the Blessed Mother's womb. Nancy described the womb as a mystical womb radiating rays of light from Jesus. The womb was both outside her body as well as inside at the same time. The Blessed Mother explained to Nancy that she wants Jesus to live in each of us, "When Jesus lives in you, you emit rays of His light. I desire the world to give birth anew to my Son, emitting rays of light from each temple [our bodies]." Nancy thought of the rays of light that she sees sometimes coming from people's hearts. [Nancy has seen light around people. Sometimes so bright that the person disappears and all she can see is light.]