# 822
The Angels Are My Messengers

Nancy remained in church after Mass and Jesus said, "The angels are messengers. The angels carry messages from Me and they bring them back. The angels bring petitions to Me. The angels are My messengers. My children should pray to the angels. Your guardian angel does much for you. Honor your guardian angel." Nancy said, "Sometime I see a cross in front of the angel as he is ascending the steps." "The angel is bringing your cross to Me and asking for My help. There are more angels than there are people on earth. The angels outnumber the people. Each angel has a specific function. Look in Scripture and you will find angels have different levels according to their function."

"Do you want the help of your angel? "Then stay in the state of grace."
Nancy said, "I did not know there were more angels than people." "You, My dearest daughter, cannot count all the angels I have. Angels surround Me night and day. Endlessly singing, adoring Me. Angels are spirits. They are living creatures and I created them." Nancy saw the angels escorting someone up the steps. "Do you want the help of your angel? Then stay in the state of grace. The angel will help you most when you are in the state of grace." Nancy saw an angel appear twice with a trumpet.