# 717
Little Children, You Must Know You Need God

"My dear children, you have traveled from many places and I thank you. "God has given you the greatest gift. The gift is more precious than any thing in the world. The gift is Eternal Life." [She cried and a dark substance came down her face.] "My children, you are travelers. You are on a journey. You have many temptations and trickery of every kind is plotted against you. You do not know what awaits you. Be on guard. Be prepared. "Little children, you must know that you need God. My Son has sent me to help you find your way to Him." [She was crying again.] "Many of you, little children, remain lost. Please allow me to help you. Pray, children; pray." [At this moment many saints were appearing in great light on each side of the Blessed Mother.] "As you make the Sign of the Cross, I will depart yet I will remain with you. "Please remember to thank my Son for permitting me to come. "I love you, my dear little children."