# 83
The Sound and Picture Go Together

(March 18, 1991 51) The Blessed Mother, Our Loving Mother, said, "My children are coming. My children are coming. Welcome all of them with outstretched arms. Please finish the publication so that my children can receive it. I am asking for more sacrifices. That means late nights, early mornings, one or the other and sometimes both. "I love you very much. I want to teach you. [-----] needed to hear the words from me that I love her. "Now George and Nancy, the children of God need to hear the words of my Son. Too much time is being wasted." Nancy saw a tear role down Our Loving Mother's cheek. "Please be kind and loving to Ron, John and James [Nancy's husband and sons] and to everyone. Remember the sound and the picture need to be together." Our Loving Mother is saying if Nancy just repeats the words of Jesus and Our Loving Mother without reflecting them in loving actions then the sound of the words will be present but without the picture, her actions.