Our Loving Mother's Anniversary Message

"My requests remain the same as in Portugal in 1917" "My dear children, I have come to be with you today, and, as your Loving Mother, to instruct you. "Children, please live your life in full union with God. "It is most pleasing to God when you imitate Him and honor me. "Seek the help and protection of my beloved spouse, Saint Joseph. "Know of the help and blessings that you are able to receive by calling upon the souls in Heaven. "Pray for the souls who are not yet united with God. They in turn will pray for you. "Be ready for Heaven. "My Son has prepared a place for you. Follow Him. Avoid the temptations and ways of the world. You have the commandments of God. "Children, [long pause] Obey. "Do not store worldly treasures. You will take with you the good that you have done on earth, your love of God and neighbor. "My requests remain the same as in Portugal in 1917. "Please children, stop [pause] offending [pause] God. Please. "God is [pause] the Creator and He is [pause] sovereign over all creation from the heavens above to the earth below. You have yet to see [pause] the forces of nature. "No man is greater than God. "No country is greater than God. "If you choose to live apart from God, then you will fall and fall you will. "Oh, my dear little children, God is all loving [pause] and you will reach Him by imitating Him. "You are worried about the future but you do not attend to your daily duties. "Please be attentive. "My Son's Heart is rich in Mercy and Love for you. "When you are doing your best, do not worry. The future holds no concern to those who truly seek God, love Him [Jesus] and remain in His favor. "The warnings have been given to you. "Take seriously how you live your life. "Pray, children, pray. "On this day God presents to the world the title: Our Loving Mother. "Honor me under this title and graces will pour forth from Heaven. "From my motherly heart, I am giving you special graces this day. "Please pray the Rosary for peace, please. Pray the Rosary for inner strength. Pray against the evils of this age. Keep prayer alive in your homes and wherever you go. "Begin to live the messages of love and mercy. "I ask you to make consecrations to the merciful loving Heart of my Son, Jesus, and to my Immaculate Heart. Make your home and rest in our hearts, dear children. "As I depart, please, make the Sign of the Cross and my Son, Jesus, will bless you. Remember to thank Him for permitting me to come. "As your Loving Mother, I am gathering you together from East to West and all over the world in the one Body of my Son, Jesus. Be united. Be one. "My Son and I do not leave you but remain with you. "My parting words are: "Be holy witnesses. "Walk by faith. "I love you, all my dear children." Our Loving Mother's message to her priests presented October 13, 1998 "Please tell my priests: I am your Loving Mother. Come to me. I will hold you. I love you and I will draw you closer to my Son. "You are wounded, tired, hurt. Come. Know that my Son and I do not abandon you. Know that you are loved. Many of you are weak in faith. Ask for the grace to believe, to trust and to love more. "As your Loving Mother, I desire to help you. Please, let me. My Son has called you and He continues to call you. Walk with Him and He will give you all that you need. "My priests, you are dear to my heart. Help my Son by bringing those souls entrusted to you to Him. "The Holy Mass is your special gift. Be cleansed in the Holy Sacrifice. Let my Son's Life strengthen and renew you as you strengthen and renew others in my Son. "On this day, I give you a special grace for renewal of your priesthood." Our Loving Mother's message to her religious daughters presented October 13, 1998 "To my religious daughters: You are dear to my motherly heart. I ask you to be strengthened in faith and trust of my Son. Do not let your daily crosses take you from my Son, but rather be renewed in His Cross of Love. Let my Son's Holy Sacrifice strengthen you. "As your Loving Mother, I embrace you. Come to me so that I may draw you closer to my Son. Keep your vows and promises that you have made. Live in humility, in service and obedience. "You will be tested many times. Rejoice as you ascend the steps of virtues. Your calvary ends in the arms of my Son. I am here to help you each step of the way. "I love you tenderly. Stay pure, seeking not the riches of this world. Let your basket be full of virtues. "On this day, I give you special graces to fulfill my Son's Will for you."