# 505
What I Do to Have You Return Love to Me

Jesus appeared to Nancy and said, "There are many people in America who are still not listening.

"There is too much self love in the world."
"It saddens Me to tell you more disasters are coming. Oh My little children, what I do to have you return love to Me. Won't you look into My merciful heart and love Me. Do you not know I must discipline you and I do everything in love. "Do not be afraid to find Me in a cloud." [Nancy thought she saw the face of Jesus in a cloud formation on the way home from church that morning.] "I am in the clouds. I am in the air. I am on the earth and I desire to be in every man's heart. Oh how Our hearts ache. There is too much self love in the world. Die to yourself and come to Me. My love is greater." [Nancy then saw the Blessed Mother appear.] "Fear not, little one, speaking My Mother's words. Know that she speaks Mine. "Sometimes I speak to you. Sometimes My Mother does. We are one. Come, little children, and be one with Me and, then, you will speak My words too. "The hecklers heckle like chickens. They bump into each other and they have no direction because they take their eyes off Me and keep their eyes on the world." [Some people were standing on the property next to the apparition site and were heckling the pilgrims that came for the apparition.] Nancy then saw a vision of chickens running around and bumping into one another. Nancy said, "That is a funny vision." Jesus replied, "It is a sad one. "In spite of all their noise, I love them just the same, just like you."