# 16
Keep Your Eyes on Me

(March 19, 1991 11) Nancy saw a vision in a church. There was a Tabernacle in the center of the altar, round, gold, beautiful. The people were in church, irreverently swinging their arms. Nancy said she got the impression they were protesting. The hands were up in the air and being waved around irreverently. The church was packed. Nancy said it was like watching a movie, with the camera zooming out. Each time the page turned, Nancy was further back in the church looking forward toward the Tabernacle. Then the phone rang, she was distracted and then the vision ended. She got the impression the vision wasn't supposed to end. She thought Jesus was about to focus in on the people in the pews and began to tell or show her what was happening. Nancy said, "I took my eyes off of Jesus and the vision left." Then she said, "Lord Jesus, please give me that vision again if it is Your perfect will." She then felt a nudge--something she sometimes feels when she is in need of correction. Jesus then appeared and said, "You cannot work for Me unless you keep your eyes on Me."