"My dearest daughter, let Me teach you about the Fourth Commandment of God. Honor your Father and Mother. Your Father is God. Honor Him first. Your mother is My Mother, the holy Mother of God; I give her to you as your Loving Mother. You will never have a greater father than God nor a greater mother than the Mother of God. "Earthly parents are called to imitate us, to be our hands, feet, heart. You are not to judge the shortcomings of your father and mother. And parents, you are not to judge the shortcomings of your children. Both are called to love as we love you. Grow more in love with God and with each other. "Parents, take your children's hands and children, take your parent's hands and together walk in harmony in love on your journey back to Me. Help each other grow. Both of you are teachers. Learn from Me and learn from each other. I say to you, imitate us. "If you are hurt by your parents or if you, parents, are hurt by your children, respond as I do when you hurt Me ... IN LOVE. Never stop loving. My love is unconditional for you. I say again, imitate us, dear children. My children are everyone, unborn, born, young, old, lame, healthy, poor, wealthy, prideful, humble. "No one is not My child, even though you may chose to disown Me. I am the Creator and you are My created children. I call you, all of you, unto Me. I will never abandon you. Please don't abandon Me. If you abandon this commandment, you abandon Me. What you do to the least of My brothers, you do unto Me. "I say to you: imitate us. Be holy, as I am holy. Be love, as I am Love. As you live and grow in your earthly families, live and grow in Me, I am Jesus, Son of the Living God."