# 475
After Three Years My Children Will Not Listen

During the monthly apparition, Nancy saw a vision of the continents of the world in red appearing behind the Blessed Mother. Again, a dark substance that had the appearance of blood flowed down the Blessed Mother's face. As the apparition continued, Nancy saw much blood as the Blessed Mother said, "The suffering that is destined for this world is great because the sins of men are great." The Blessed Mother cried blood. Nancy saw great areas of darkness envelop a map of the world behind the Blessed Mother. She saw entire continents in darkness and then there was light. With a sadness in her voice, the Blessed Mother said, "After three years my children will not listen." [The Blessed Mother had now been appearing on the 13th of each month for three years in Conyers.] The Blessed Mother was crying much blood and there was again darkness. A map of the world appeared behind her as she said, "For my beloved priests, Nancy, my dearest daughter, I ask you to convey this message: Pray for world peace. "Pray, children, pray." Nancy saw Padre Pio appear. The Blessed Mother continued, "Pray for conversions. Pray, children. Help each other. Be not selfish. Be generous. Have great charity in your hearts." The Blessed Mother explained to Nancy the reason she saw a map of the world. It was because there will be great suffering in all nations because the sins of the world are great.

"As long as there is one soul praying, there is light coming into the world."
The Blessed Mother said, "I want my children to be watchful and waiting. As long as there is one soul praying, there is light coming into the world. The world pushes the light of my Son far away. My children are wandering in a lost state... They are pushing many graces away. "Obedience and humility are the virtues that are lacking in many of my children." Nancy saw darkness, then red, and then a map of the world. Nancy saw great areas of red. The Blessed Mother said, "I want you to remember the map of the world and the suffering the world is headed toward so you can pray."