# 407
Stay Together ... Stand with Me

Nancy and friends were sitting when Jesus appeared and said, "I am requesting that you eat nutritious food. Your health will deteriorate if you do not. It is very important." Nancy thought to herself, "I should be kneeling". [Nancy has trouble with her knees which is why she did not kneel at first.] Jesus said, "You are kneeling in your heart. "My children, stay together. There will be more sufferings in America. Stay together. Spiritual bonds are the greatest friendships. The spiritual bond is what is lasting. When you are united to Me, then I can join you together. Worldly friendships are not lasting; they disintegrate in time. "Love, love, love and I remain alive in each of you." "I am pleased with all of you. You are part of My small faithful remnants and to each one I give you My heart. The fire of My love will ignite each of your hearts. You in turn will ignite other hearts. Be not afraid to stand with Me. I go before you, dear children. Look the world over and see how very few of My children remain with Me. "You are forming a Christian community here. The world rejects your belief. Remember, they reject Me first. Again, I say to you: do not be afraid to stand with Me; I go before you. "Love, love, love and I remain alive in each of you. "My little children of America will not come to Me until they have suffered much more. Know that I am with you always. "I love you, My dear little children. Take My heart; it is yours. Be at peace. That is all."