# 776
I Am Drawn Like a Magnet to a Little Soul

Nancy came to Jesus asking for help with her talk in Puerto Rico. She was afraid of speaking in public. Jesus said, "Oh My little one, you come like the innocence of a child. I love your childlike qualities. I am drawn like a magnet to a little soul. Let My children come unto Me. Again I say, it saddens My heart; if only My children would be children. Tell them, precious one, repeat My words often.

"It saddens My heart; if only My children would be children."
"Let My words burn within your heart. Implant My word deep within your heart. Oh how I love you, all My children." Nancy said to George, "I'm never going to be a public speaker." Jesus replied, "As long as you keep on saying it and doing it, I do not mind. "See what My life and My strength can do. You come to Me like a little child, frightened and in need of help. Again I say in your weakness and littleness, I am attached to you. Teach others to depend on Me. I am the Way, the Truth, the Life. Tell them, Nancy, I am living. I am their living God. "If they knew Me and were close to Me, they would hear Me in the greatest silence of their hearts. Be still and know that I am God." When the mystical light faded, Nancy told George that she thought the vision had ended and that Jesus was gone. Jesus then said, "That is what the world thinks. They think I am finished with them. I am ever present to them. The world does not know it. Tell them, precious one, about My living presence."