# 696
This Is an Urgent Plea for All Mankind

"Dear children of America, each person is my precious little child. As your Loving Mother I love you with unconditional love. I come in the name of my Son, Jesus. Please, little children, cooperate with God's plan of salvation. My Son shows you the way of salvation. Follow Him. Help me to help you. With God, together let us push the cloud of darkness away from this country." [A tear then rolled out of her eye.] "Begin where you are and pray. The time will come when God's mercy will change into God's justice and the greatest suffering will befall you. Do not delay in coming to my Son. This is an urgent plea for all mankind. I bless you. Please make the Sign of the Cross as I depart. At this time everything is being blessed. Remember to thank my Son for permitting me to come."