# 202
It Is Only When You Are Little Then I Can Lead You

Nancy said, "I see a lamb and a little flame came in the center of its face. Jesus, may I know the meaning of that vision?" Jesus said, "Yes, My precious little lamb, as I sacrifice Myself in love I ask you to do the same. Be gentle and kind, in love everywhere. If you wander astray, I will go and find you just like My Mother did. The size of the lamb is symbolic. I want you to be very, very, very little. When you are very, very, very little, then you can follow Me better. It is only when you are little then I can lead you. So, if you don't want to stand on the hill alone, be little." Nancy said, "I don't want to stand alone before those people." "And I don't want you to," Jesus said to Nancy. "Be a sacrificial lamb for the salvation of souls. George, please explain it to her." "Follow Jesus, think of Him first, think of others first. Sacrifice yourself like Jesus," George said. "I couldn't have said it better," Jesus said to Nancy. (I understand Jesus to be warmly teasing us.)