# 60
I Desire that You Rise in Splendor

(March 31, 1991 [Easter Sunday]) Our Loving Mother said, "Ask the people to be in prayer. I will walk among my children on the hill. "I have come as your Loving Mother, I love you and as your Loving Mother, I desire that you rise in splendor with my Son. Your soul will only take flight if your soul has life. A soul withers and dies without nourishment. Only souls that have life will be in Heaven. "I need your help. If you do not feed your soul with the words of my Son, then your soul will not have life. I need your help. "A soul that has life can take flight and be lifted up but a soul that is dead is heavy and cannot take flight. "You must continually feed your soul with the life of my Son. The life of my Son is His body, His blood, the Mass, the sacraments, my Son's words."