# 414
I Will Show You the Way

Jesus was speaking to Nancy and then for a while Nancy did not say anything else and it seemed to George that she could no longer see the light of Jesus on the crucifix. George asked, "Is He gone?" and then said, "I blew it!" [George immediately realized that his words were foolish because Jesus does not leave us and live in a distant Heaven but is always with us and is ever present. Later George said, "Jesus is showing, through these visions, that His loving presence is always available to Nancy and to each of us."] Jesus then said through Nancy, "Nancy has been telling her son he will be in major trouble if he did this or that. Let Me answer you this way. If I were gone, you would be in major trouble." At this point James, Nancy's seven year old son, came into the room. Jesus said through Nancy, "Hello James, I have been quoting your mother." James asked, "Have you been having fun with her?" James kept talking to Jesus. "If I were gone, you would be in major trouble." Jesus replied to James through Nancy, "You have to listen first. If you listen and you hear My words, you will know I am a God of great mercy and compassion. You will know I am a loving God." James had stopped talking and began listening. Jesus said, "James, you are a good listener." James said that he saw a light on the right side of the crucifix. Nancy confirmed that she saw the same vision. Jesus said, "Jamsie, I love you." James said that Jesus had just turned His head on the crucifix. Nancy again confirmed what James had seen. Jesus asked, "Little James, do you really love Me?" James answered, "Yes." "Do you really love Me?" James answered, "Yes, I do." "Do you truly love Me?" James said, "I've got something for you." James then went to get his stuffed doll of Jesus. Jesus asked, "Will you come follow after Me?" James said, "Yea, but I don't know which way you are going." "I will show you the way. All you have to do is follow Me." Nancy said, "Jesus is smiling at you, Jamsie." James said, "He is like this." [As James looked up to Jesus on the crucifix, he pulled the corner of his lips down as if he was suffering like the image of Jesus on the cross.] Jesus asked as He smiled at James, "Are you making a face at Me?" James was silent. "You are Mine. I have special work for you and, when you get bigger, you will find out." Nancy asked James, "What are you going to be when you grow up?" James replied, "I am going to be a priest." Jesus said, "I told you he is Mine. Out of his mouth came the answer. "Jamsie, I am going to tell you something you will not understand. I called you before you were born." James said, "Oh, I wonder what that was like when I was a baby?" Jesus said, "I am getting a very special gift from James. He is giving Me his heart and you know what, James? I am giving you Mine." James asked, "Mine what?" "Big people think they can hide things from Me too." Nancy explained, "He is giving you His heart." James then said, "Happy Birthday!" Jesus said, "Thank you for your gift of love." James said, "I hid my note for Jesus." [James had turned over the note he was writing to Jesus so that Jesus could not see the note.] Jesus said, "Big people think they can hide things from Me too." James asked, "What big people?" Nancy explained, "Grown-ups." Jesus said, "James is all Mine. "My adult children try to hide their sins from Me. I do not miss a single one. If they would only come to Me and ask for forgiveness, I would forgive them. "Please do not punish James for writing a love letter to Me even though it is past his bedtime. You will be in major trouble if you do." [Jesus said this in a lighthearted way.] James taped his note to the bottom of the crucifix. On the note James wrote, "I love You, Jesus. You are nice. Jesus is loved by me." James then said, "I don't want to go to bed. I want to stay with Jesus". Jesus said, "I will walk with you." James hugged his Jesus doll and said, "He is already walking with me." "Jamsie, you are correct but I wanted you to know that." James said, "I want to sleep here." Jesus said, "You can put him to bed, dearest daughter." James said good night to Jesus as he left and went down the hall to his bedroom. Nancy returned before the crucifix and heard Jesus say, "Good night, James." James came back into the room and said, "I heard Jesus say, 'Good night, James'!" James then kissed his finger, touched it to the crucifix and then said, "I need to put something here that Jesus can bless." James left the apparition room and returned, placing an item below the crucifix for Jesus to bless.