# 511
What You Sow on Earth, You Sow for all Eternity

Jesus said, "United States is going to war. Suffer you will, little children. You are stubborn, lawless, wayward and your hearts have grown callous and indifferent to Me. You refuse to listen. Suffer you will. "America, you will be purified. You have ignored Me long enough. It is My great mercy that you will be purified. Wake up now. I am Jesus, Son of the Living God. "Many souls will perish in the eternal fires of Hell. What you sow on earth, you sow for all eternity." On this day President Bush and President-elect Clinton first met in Washington, D.C. to discuss the transition of the presidency. On this same day, the wooden cross on the Holy Hill behind Nancy's home fell to the ground as some pilgrims were praying. Three months earlier, on September 12, 1992, Jesus told Nancy, "The cross on the Holy Hill will fall in decay. It is a sign of this fallen generation." Nancy recalled that Jesus also said around the same time, "When the cross on the Holy Hill falls, you are close to the punishment. And when you see the cross in the sky, the punishment is near." On the evening of December 13th, a stunned seven year old daughter of a pilgrim came to Nancy and said that she saw very clearly the bust of the crucified Christ on a spinning cross in the sky. Her mother and brother said that they also saw the same vision. On May 2, 1993 as she traveled to Mass, Nancy saw a vision of a cross high in the sky. Over the next three days, Jesus told Nancy three times in church, "United States is going to war." Note: Nancy's spiritual director reminds us that Jesus always gives us hope that if we pray and sacrifice, punishments can be avoided or lessened. Jesus has said to Nancy, "Let Masses be said for peace." Jesus has given Nancy a message for the Holy Father requesting that priests offer their Masses for peace. Please listen to what Jesus and the Blessed Mother ask us to do and to pray, sacrifice and have Masses said for peace.