# 840
Stop and Pray America

As the Blessed Mother was appearing to Nancy, she saw Padre Pio. The Blessed Mother then began to speak about the apparition of the previous day. [Please see the above message of February 13, 1993] The Blessed Mother said, "Some of my children are confused about my departure. I am trying to make a point. I will give you a shortened version: Stop and pray America. "Let me say it another way: Stop! Think about God and pray." A beautiful crown appeared above the Blessed Mother's head. [The Blessed Mother usually gives the message for the United States at the end of the Glorious Mysteries or, less often, at the end of the Sorrowful Mysteries. This month she stopped the Rosary before the Fourth Glorious Mystery.] The Blessed Mother also said, "The sun will spin." Nancy said, "I don't know what she means by that." "Believe, children. Believe and trust in God."

"Believe, children. Believe and trust in God."
The Blessed Mother went on to say, "Whenever you make the Sign of the Cross with me, you are being blessed and everything you brought with you. You do not have to hold the articles up. If holding the articles up makes you feel better, you may do so." "Be at peace. I bless you." The Blessed Mother then asked everyone to make the Sign of the Cross as she departed.