# 513
I Will Break Up the United States

In church Nancy saw a vision of a big hammer. It was much bigger than the hammer she saw in a vision just prior to the powerful October 12, 1992 earthquake in Cairo, Egypt. Early in the afternoon, Nancy saw the Blessed Mother appear as the Immaculate Conception in radiant white light. Brilliant rays came from her beating heart. Nancy said she was the most beautiful lady. Later in the afternoon, Nancy was praying the Rosary with pilgrims at the Farm. During the 5th Sorrowful Mystery, the Crucifixion, Nancy saw a vision of Jesus lunging forward on an immense cross. Late in the evening, Jesus appeared and said, "I will break up the United States. I will divide this Country. You have rejected My love long enough. You do not want Me." Nancy said Jesus was crying and crying. Nancy was very upset herself. Jesus had said much more to Nancy but she was too upset to relate all the words that Jesus spoke.

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