The Blessed Mother said, "My dear children, as your loving mother I ask you from the tenderness of my heart, are your ears blocked and are your hearts closed to the word of God? My Son has sent me to help you. Many of you refuse to believe that I speak the words of my Son. Children please, I have warned you about more disasters." [Nancy said the Blessed Mother was crying.] "I have warned you about war and I have asked for your help but you refuse to listen. Unless you amend your ways and pray, in a weakened state you will fall to your knees. Children, I love you and I desire each of you to be united with my Son. My Son's hand is rich in love and mercy. It is about to be turned to the hand of justice." [Nancy saw blood or something thick come out of the Blessed Mother's left eye.] "Pray, children, pray. Your hearts will be purified. See the love and mercy of my Son in everyone, in every thing. Let it be foremost always. "At this time I will bless you and everything you have brought with you. As you make the Sign of the Cross, I will depart. I will depart yet I will remain with you. Please children, remember to thank my Son. Again I ask for your prayers and sacrifices."

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