# 15
Time Is a Precious Gift

(March 4, 1991) Jesus appeared and said, "My Mother told you today to come to Me frequently. That amounts to staying close to Me. Your time is not yours means that you are living for Me. If you think of yourself and use time for yourself, then you are selfish. But if you think of Me, then you are giving. I ask men to return their time to Me. I ask men to return their love to Me. I ask that the gifts I give you be returned to Me. You know it naturally makes sense. Your life is a gift from Me and you return your life to Me. This happens when I call you home. And while you are alive, this happens when you surrender to Me completely. All gifts are returned to the greatest gift giver. "Your ability to love is a gift from Me and so I ask you to return it to Me. Your children are loaned to you. I've loaned your life to you, I share all My gifts with you and, as I've said to you before, I give everything in love and so every gift is given with love. You both [Nancy and George] need to manage your time wisely. "You need to teach My children how precious a gift time is. If something is precious, do you not take better care of it, handle it with care?" Nancy said Jesus revealed His suffering face.

(These messages have been given by Jesus and Our Loving Mother to Nancy Fowler)

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