# 529
The World Has Chosen These Punishments

Nancy and friends were singing the Ave Maria in the apparition room in Nancy's home. Our Loving Mother said with great reverence, with great love, with great humility, "I bow down to God the Father. I am Blessed Virgin Mary, the sorrowful Mother of God and your sorrowful Mother. With sorrow and joy I come to you." Nancy said, "She is crying." "Pray, dearest one, many souls are going to loose their lives." Nancy said, "She cried again. The tears are flowing out of her right eye. Oh Mother, it hurts to see you cry." "The wrath of God is upon this Nation and upon this world. Little children, I have to tell you with tears, you are going to suffer." Nancy said she is crying again.

"A new heaven and new earth is dawning but first the old will be destroyed."
"Permit me to identify myself again. I am the Immaculate Conception. I am the spouse of the Holy Spirit. Behold a new Pentecost is coming. "A new heaven and new earth is dawning but first the old will be destroyed. Say my words. [Nancy was afraid to repeat what she had heard.] Fire will fall down from Heaven. Lightening will flash from one end of the sky to the other [Nancy understood this to be of natural and man-made causes] and the earth will plunge into a darkness it has never seen. The world has chosen these punishments." Nancy said, "She is crying again." "Fighting will increase among nations and there will be great unrest all over the earth. "Remain faithful to God. Remain faithful to God. Remain faithful to God. "Keep His commandments in love. Show mercy. Forgive as you are forgiven."

(These messages have been given by Jesus and Our Loving Mother to Nancy Fowler)

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