# 621
This Is an Urgent Plea from Me: Come Back To Me

Jesus said to Nancy, "My children do not know the reality of My Kingdom. Tell them. "It is better that the conversion of hearts will take place now. The day will come when My children will be sad that they are not close to Me. "When you are spiritually mature you are close to Me. You will be joyful and at peace no matter what is being asked of you. "The problem is My children are not ready and many will fall in the wicked one's hands. Learn how to fight the evil one by staying close to Me. "My children will loose their riches and their health will deteriorate. The very soil they walk on will become unplentiful for long periods of time. The water they drink will become polluted. The atmosphere about them will be filled with radiation. There will be terrible skin diseases. The plague of cancer will increase. Emotional illnesses of every kind will stifle My children and cities of sin will become unbearable. My children will be terrified by the signs that are around them and the faith of all My children will be greatly tested to the point of almost breaking human endurance. "It is a grace that I give you now to come back to Me in love. "Do not think a terrible war will not come, because men plot it within their hearts." Nancy said, "Jesus, this sounds so very hopeless." Jesus said, "This is an urgent plea from Me: Come back to Me. Come one; come all. "I am the giver of all hope. I am the giver of life."

(These messages have been given by Jesus and Our Loving Mother to Nancy Fowler)

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