# 680
Be Encouraged, Little Ones. You Have Not Lost Graces but Gained Them.

George heard the bird chirping that announces the arrival of the Blessed Mother and he went into the house and asked if there was light around the statue of Our Loving Mother. Nancy went into the apparition room and began to pray. An image appeared and Nancy tested to see if the light was of God. The Blessed Mother appeared and said, "There is sadness and joy in my heart for my children who have been stopped [from coming] on their pilgrimage here." [The day before was the 13th of February and a very large crowd came. Pilgrims who arrived late were caught in a four­mile backup of cars on Highway 138. The police had to turn pilgrims away.] The Blessed Mother continued, "I am joyful that my children have come on their pilgrimage. I am sad that their pilgrimage was temporarily blocked but I have come to deliver a message to all of them. Be encouraged, little ones. You have not lost graces but gained them. All your religious articles were blessed by me and many will turn golden."

(These messages have been given by Jesus and Our Loving Mother to Nancy Fowler)

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