# 893
See the Litany... Will You Publish It?

Nancy wrote in her journal: "Before the 7 pm Mass I saw an angel kneeling facing the Tabernacle. At the Mass, I saw an aura of white light around Father [the priest]. At the Consecration, I saw a white mystical light around the consecrated Host as Jesus was elevated. I saw a separate image of a man in a white tunic, life-sized, protruding outward from Father [the priest]. "During the consecration I saw a separate image of different faces of people looking in the direction of the consecrated Host." Later, during Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament after Mass, Nancy wrote: "An angel was kneeling in adoration facing the monstrance. The angel wore an all-white robe. "A very special event happened while I was praying before the Blessed Sacrament. The church seemed to disappear before my eyes. The people were all in a mystical white light like they were in a glorified state. The wall became glistening like jewels. I could not see any natural wall. I saw the face of a gentle, loving, old man. His face glowed more brightly than any light that I have ever seen. "I also got the sense that He was God looking down upon the world and that He did not like all the fighting. And I got the sense He ever so tenderly, gently, dearly loves us with such a love that no man on earth could ever understand. This dear gentle-hearted God was sad, crying for His children who were lost, who had gone astray and He didn't want us to suffer. "Many different faces of people appeared in great mystical light. "While I was praying the Litany of Reparation, I heard: 'Nancy, see the Litany you are holding in your hands. Will you publish it next month?' "Then I looked up and I saw the face of the gentle, loving, tender old man." LITANY OF REPARATION IN HONOR OF THE BLESSED SACRAMENT Lord, have mercy on us, ... [repeat] ...; Christ, have mercy on us, ...; Lord, have mercy on us ...; [Repeat after each of the following: Have mercy on us.] God the Father of Mercy, ... God the Son, mediator between God and man, ... God the Holy Spirit, the enlightener of hearts, ... Holy and undivided Trinity, ... O Sacred Host! victim of reparation for the sins of the world, ... O Sacred Host! annihilated on the altar for us and by us, ... O Sacred Host! despised and neglected, ... O Sacred Host! outraged by the blasphemies of men, ... O Sacred Host! neglected and abandoned in Your temples, ... Be merciful unto us: Spare us, O Lord. Be merciful unto us: Hear us, O Lord. [Repeat after each of the following: We offer You our Reparations, O Lord.] For so many unworthy Communions, ... For the irreverence of Christians, ... For the continual blasphemies of the impious, ... For the infamous discourses made in Your Holy Temples, ... For the crimes of sinners, ... For the sacrileges which profane Your sacrament of love, ... For the coldness of the greater part of Your children, ... For their contempt of Your loving invitations, ... For the infidelity of those who call themselves Your friends, ... For the abuse of Your grace, ... For our unfaithfulness, ... For our delay in loving You, ... For our tepidity in Your Holy Service, ... For Your bitter sadness at the loss of souls, ... For Your long waiting at the door of our hearts, ... For Your loving sighs, ... For Your loving tears, ... For Your loving imprisonment, ... For Your loving death, ... [Repeat after each of the following: We sinners beseech You, hear us. That You spare us, that You hear us, ... That You will make known Your love for us in this most Holy Sacrament, ... That You will vouchsafe to accept our reparation, made in the spirit of humility, ... Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world: Spare us, O Lord. Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world: Hear us, O Lord. Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world: Have mercy on us, O Lord. Let us pray: Lord Jesus, Who has chosen to expose Yourself to all the outrages of the impious, rather than withdraw Your Sacred Body from our Churches, grant us the grace to bewail, with true bitterness of heart, the injuries and sacrileges committed against You, and to repair as far as lies in our power, and with sincere love, the many ignominies and contempts You have received, and still continue to receive, in this ineffable mystery, Who lives and reigns with God, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, for ever and ever. Amen.

(These messages have been given by Jesus and Our Loving Mother to Nancy Fowler)

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