# 887
The Loneliness That I Experience No Man Can Endure

Early in the morning Nancy was driving in Florida with hardly no other cars on the road. She was feeling very lonely and said, "I wonder if Jesus gets lonely?"
"I experience profound loneliness. My children do not come to My tabernacle."
Jesus said, "I experience profound loneliness. My children do not come to My tabernacle. My children do not love Me. The loneliness that I experience no man can endure. "I am the greatest consoler of human hearts. My children seek other consolations. My children will never be neglected by Me yet they do not come to Me. "Come, little one. Come follow in My footsteps. I will pick you up when you need to be picked up. I will love you always. "My children seek security but they fail to come to the giver of all security. My love is safe. You will never be rejected by Me."

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