# 137
Only One Leper Returned

(February 28, 1991 78) Our Loving Mother said, "Nancy, you remembered to thank my Son for ending the war and now I thank you for thanking Him. Recall to mind the story about the lepers who were healed by my Son and only one returned to say thank you. You see what your 'thank you' did. My Son sent me to you to thank you because you said thank you." Nancy said to George, "Oh my, the thank you is very important. I only said one thank you and the Mother of God came to say thank you!" "My Son always gives more." Nancy started to cry. Nancy sang the Ave Maria because the love of Jesus and Mary deeply touched her at that moment. Our Loving Mother continued, speaking through Nancy, "My precious children, I love you and I bless you. I am Blessed Virgin Mary. "George, thank you for writing. Nancy, thank you for conveying my words. Remember I echo the words of my Son. Please thank Him for permitting me to come. Please make the Sign of The Cross."