# 962
True Love Is Giving and Forgiving

Nancy was very frustrated. She was unprepared and nervous about giving a talk in South America. She was wondering if it was too late to cancel the long trip. She was upset with her friend George for making the arrangements and not helping her enough to prepare. She let her voice get loud as she voiced her frustration. Nancy said, "I need a sound proof room where I can scream so no one can hear my frustration and anger." Jesus then said, "Listen to what you just said. Now what if I said that?" Nancy replied, "I'd be scared if You said that." Jesus continued, "You represent Me and I am going to correct you whenever you do not reflect Me because, My precious daughter, you are affecting souls and I love you. "True love is not blind. True love is honest. True love is giving and forgiving and, when you forgive, you forget. Tell others about My love."