# 675
A Great Secret is Rapidly Coming to Fulfilment

Nancy saw the picture in the apparition room of Sister Lucia's vision of the Trinity burst into light. [Sister Lucia was one of the three young children to whom the Blessed Mother appeared in Fatima, Portugal in 1917.] Nancy then saw the statue of Our Loving Mother and the shelves of the altar and, then, the whole corner in the apparition room burst into light. Jesus said, "Please come closer." Nancy said, "I am not worthy." "You are chosen. You are chosen. You are chosen." Nancy saw a vision of many different men and women and said, "I am not worthy. You called me forward and I am not deserving."

"Block My graces here and receive My punishment sooner."
"Do not forget My words: Block My graces here and receive My punishment sooner. I will only permit this a little while longer. "Where are the Masses I have asked to be said on these grounds? "Do not trust Russia. I tell you, do not be fooled by false peace." Nancy asked Jesus if she should repeat the words she was hearing. Jesus replied, "Say this part: That a great secret is rapidly coming to fulfillment because of the great sins of mankind against God." Nancy said, "Please note that the Most Holy Virgin of Fatima appeared and mentioned the secret and its soon fulfillment." Jesus said, "Bow your head now and I will bless you." Everyone bowed their heads for His blessing.