# 700
God Has Not Separated Himself from You. You Have Chosen to Live Apart from Him

"Dear Children, Come! Come, little children, give your heart to my Son. Adore, praise and thank Him for His endless love and mercy. God has given you many signs. You fail to recognize the hand of God in everything. God has not separated Himself from you. You have chosen to live apart from Him. When you follow false gods, you emit more darkness into the world. Our hearts are bleeding for you. With my Son, together let us push the darkness away. I have warned you about war and, again, I warn you about war. Pray and sacrifice for peace, please. I warned you about disasters. Again, I warn you about more disasters. Pray and sacrifice, please. I love you, my dear little children. I desire to shield you in my Immaculate Heart. Reform your heart and let the love of my Son grow in each of your hearts." [The Blessed Mother was radiant.] "Children, I will bless you now and everything you have brought with you and remember to thank my Son for permitting me to come." [The Blessed Mother smiled a little.]