# 247
My Children Are Not Responding. More Difficult Days Are Ahead

Our Loving Mother said, "I am very sad, my children are not responding. "The greatest graces are being given here and the fewest people are responding . . . my children will not make the sacrifices to come here." Nancy said, "She is sad. A tear came down her cheek." "Many of my children will not believe. "More of my statues and images will cry because my children are walking in darkness. "My children do not believe. They are in darkness. "More difficult days are ahead. "Our messages here are not being heard. I am very sad. "Too many people are concerned about their own families and themselves. They are not giving enough. "I need your prayers and sacrifices and sacrifices and sacrifices and sacrifices. Without your help, I will not be able to help you. "I am very sad. I can speak no more."