# 862
The Graces Are Endless at the Mass

Nancy and a friend were reading from "Understanding the Mass" by Rev. Maynard Vorodziej when Jesus said, "The graces are not dependent upon an individual priest." [On page 44 of the book was a statement that the graces were dependent on the Church.] "I am the Head of My Church.

"The Mass is an ongoing sacrifice... Enter into My sacrifice"
"The graces are endless at the Mass. The Mass is an ongoing sacrifice. There is one sacrifice that goes on and on and on. Place yourself at the foot of the Cross. You are there at the Mass. Enter into My sacrifice. In the Mass come to know Me, the resurrected Christ. "You will never fully understand the Mass for all eternity. "My Mass, My Mass, My Mass is important." The friend said, "The Mass gives me such peace." "I am the One that gives you peace and I am the one present at the Mass."