# 486
I Cry over My Slaughtered Children

During the Rosary the Blessed Mother said, "America must not go the way of man." Nancy saw the pictures in the room of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary burst into radiant light. Nancy then saw a black light behind the Blessed Mother and asked her why. "There is darkness over America." Nancy again saw the black light and the Blessed Mother crying. It appeared as if blood was coming out of her eye. There was a constant flow of blood out of her left eye and water out of her right eye. "My children are not listening. My children are not listening." Nancy asked the Blessed Mother why she kept crying. "I cry over my slaughtered children. Let my children know I am crying because the children of God are murdered and my children think they are right with God. My Son is Life. When you kill the life that He created, then you do not stand with Him." Nancy saw the Blessed Mother crying continuous streams of blood.