"My precious daughter, I am Jesus, Son of the Living God. I am pleased that you are getting to know Me so you can tell others about Me. My commandments of love are ways to help My children grow in love with Me, in Me and through Me. My commandments of love are ways that will help you live an orderly, meaningful life. Life has meaning when you have found your way to Me. Do I not provide your reason for your being. I am the Way, the Truth, the Life. If I am the Way, would it not make sense that I would give you signs along the way to help you come to Me? "Do you not have rules on the road? Do you not teach your children, look both ways before you cross the street? Well, I try to help you by giving you the greatest rules of life, My commandments of love. Are they not rules, guidelines and signposts telling you how to love? Does not the first commandment make the greatest sense to you? Come to Me first; put no one before Me. Love Me first. If you do the first commandment, I tell you solemnly you will do the rest because you will want to. You will come to know and understand that I am love, perfect love and the source of all love. "Nancy, at times My children fall short of the first commandment and will need further help of My other commandments in order to find their way to Me. My children do not do what I want them to do. Leave the word "do" in there. Maybe I can get their attention in this way. "Again, I say if you know Me, really know Me, you will love Me and desire with all your heart and strength to obey Me, to serve Me. "If a young child does not have rules of love in his family, would he not be very unhappy, very lonely, be lost and suffer much more? "Tell My people - keep My commandments and you will suffer less and you will be happier, never lost and never alone. Teach My children, Nancy. Look at the love I show you. Look at My face." Jesus later appeared again and said, "Nancy, I focused on the first part of the commandment, I am the Lord your God and you shall not have other gods before Me, because in America there are too many gods before Me. If you have no other god before Me and love Me with all your mind, heart, and strength and love one another as I love them, you have no other need for any other commandment." Nancy asked about the word soul. "Did You leave the word soul out?" "You can add soul. In every way, completely, totally love Me and others the same way. You have no other need for sign posts because you already know the way. My children in America need the first part of this commandment, then I can speak to them about the rest. Don't you have to recognize first there is a God and that I am God? There are too many false gods, My precious daughter."